Three Ring Circus

Sunday, January 9, 2011
Contortionry (Awesome word I just made up)

Stair Sledding! Death defying stunts at speeds so fast the pictures turn out blurry!

First I drink this magic potion and then....

I turn into the the Magic Troll, (or is it a leprechaun) with his pointy ears and evil grin.

And now Peter the Great will amaze you with his lightening speed and agility.

First you see the snow and then.... after shoveling for a long time.... sometime around May you won't!

Cuteness so great, he will have you wrapped around his little finger. Angel to devil child and back in 2.5 seconds!

Cirque Du Mollay!


  1. Your family most certainly is active... I guess you have to be to keep things interesting for Mister Peter. He is absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing all of the dare-devil activities that go on inside your house.


  2. Brilliant. You get cooler and cooler with every post... what's your secret?

  3. Great post Molly. I always enjoy reading your blog. I was saddened by your "loose ends" post but it always comforts me to know that I am not crazy. (or or maybe we both are but at least I have someone on my side :) if you know what I mean) You are an amazing woman. I totally look to you for strength. The last year for me was one of my toughest yet. Just feeling like I really am crazy in several aspects. No one really gets it around me. Even after 7 1/2 years it is still hard some days. Thanks for your example and strength. All my love, Nicole - Mia's mom ^i^

  4. Awesome. He looks so secure and happy, with such loving parents!

  5. love your circus!!! these photos just jump with energy & fun!! what fun parents you two are!!

  6. What a perfect post. I was thinking circus. But Cirque de Mollay?



  7. Can I come to your house and play because...dang!
    What even makes this whole thing better is that the adults are right there doing crazy things with the Peter...and also that Vic is wearing a "Green Latern" t-shirt.

  8. I like his bangs. And Vic's beard.

  9. Peter is too cute to be real. Is he computer-generated? Fess up. And you're a fantastic ringmaster (more like ringSASSter! Wow that was lame).

  10. my only comment is - Vic, you MUST shave.

  11. MOLLY! I don't know if I already posted this but your house is AMAZING! It's so beautiful, all the details and color paint and decorations! It's really beautiful, you have such great taste!

    I don't know if there is such thing as a cuter little boy then Peter. I remember him as a brand new little baby and thinking the exact same thing. He really is the cuttest!

    I miss you and hope to see you soon so we can catch up. It looks like you guys are doing really well. xoxo!

  12. Never a dull moment! Love the Troll/leprechaun photo and caption:)


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