Because I'm Crazy Like That

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


-PMS off the charts. No, really. OFF THE CHARTS! Everyone smells! Everyone is annoying! Get out of my way. That music is too loud! Why are they driving like that? You bug me!

-Cried 78.3% of the day

-Drove 35 mph down the canyon in a huge snowstorm to a "dollar" store to buy a bunch of pregnancy tests. Discovered they were $4 and had to keep myself from hitting the lady. ("We aren't a dollar store, we're just called Family Dollar" REALLY?) And if you didn't know, REAL dollar stores are THE BEST place to buy pregnancy tests.

-Got a fat lip, swollen nose, and black eye from Tantrum 2011

-Had major melt down over trip we've been trying to plan that just WAS NOT working out.

-Made it home from Salt Lake to discover my wedding ring was GONE.

-While transferring sleeping Pipsqueak Pooper to his crib from the car, phone rings and wakes him up. Never to nap again.

-Sat in basement so I couldn't hear the tantrum throwing, poop smelling, wild child crying. But could hear myself crying loud and clear. Not sure which was worse.

-Took Peter to neighbor/angel's house so that I wouldn't hit him and so that I could drive BACK to Salt Lake to look for my wedding ring--In the snow. In three different establishments and several garbage cans and bathrooms. This isn't happening. I was on my hands and knees in snow-covered parking lots.

-Major venting/pep talks/cry sessions with best friend Justin. We said that one day we would laugh about this.

- Blubbering phone calls and cries for help to Mother and Father as well. As ship was sinking, Julia Gulia to the rescue.

-I have no idea who I was yesterday. I was INSANE LADY. I was shaking inside like you would not believe. Quivering. Enraged. Beside myself. And it wasn't just the above events. For some reason, everything came crashing down! (This seems to happen once a month...but yesterday was much more physical)


-Flights to beach vacationland totally worked out. Prices went down, frequent flyer miles required for flights went down, dates worked out. MIRACLE! So excited I couldn't sleep. (So this happened late last night, but I'm including it in today. I needed a fresh start and the flight/vacation goodness could not be packaged with the wild animal I was yesterday).

-Found wedding ring! Next to Peter's crib. MIRACLE! Note: Do not wear again until re-sized.

-Sun came out.

-Skies became blue.

-Sledding at the park.

-Happy to nap booger baby boy.

-Joy, Relief, Happiness!

-Feeling like myself again.

-Deep Breath.


-That one day that Justin and I said we'd laugh about this was today. He just called and we laughed so hard we were crying.

Do you want to know what question I ask more than any other question? This is not a joke:

How does Vic live with me???!!!

P.S. Vic just read this post and told me I left something out: That he and I fought all day yesterday. Well then, I'll make sure and include that.

Sometimes I just have to remind myself that she is still here with me.


  1. This post made me cry... in a good way. I have days like your yesterday more often than I'd like. Thank goodness for days like your today that make the rough/crazy lady days worth it. Thanks for your honesty... I'm glad you found your ring!

  2. Big couple of days for you. I'm glad things turned out to be ok. You're good at recognizing the positive. I need to be more like you. I'm jealous of your upcoming vacation.

  3. P.S. Left Pedro's coat in Salt Lake too. When will I stop being so awesome?

  4. That made me tired just reading that. Wow. I glad things are going better today.

  5. Wow! That is a bad day! I hate days like that... Glad things are working out better today, and that you get to take a well deserved vacation. Hopefully to somewhere warm and sandy. Now my nosy self is wondering the results of how your fake dollar store tests came out. :) (Just kidding- kind of.) :) Have a great day!

  6. Sometimes we're thankful that there's only 24 hours in a day.

  7. You're so real. I love it. Your post reminded me of this post:

    So glad life is treating you the way you deserve today.

    And I can't believe you left us hanging on the results of your overpriced pregnancy tests (!)

  8. I'm with Megan...don't leave us hanging. But then if I was like you yesterday, I don't think I would have bought them. Just to show that shop a thing or two about putting "dollar" in their name. Costco sells 4 tests for $20. That's almost the same price as the Family Dollar.

    I'm so happy that today is much better for you. Unfortunately, if it weren't for days like yesterday we wouldn't know how awesome today is.

    I'm pretty sure I've had bad days like yesterday and talked to my husband about it and he mentioned that one more thing that I'd forgotten about. Ha ha ha. God bless Vic.

  9. Oh my... how you remembered it all is amazing to me! Glad the next day was better! So are you??

  10. Yeah, test results please!
    So glad today was a better day.

  11. Hey Molly, haven't stopped by for a while, but I did tonight, I had to tell you, I had a dream I met you last night....I thought it was pretty neat, you were on some talk show and they wouldn't let me talk to you, but I kept trying to tell you who I was and I liked your purse. Dreams are strange aren't they....who knows, maybe someday I will get to meet you, I already feel like I know you. Take care and know I'm thinking of you.....Peter is just precious! I love that name! Your friend in East Texas, Pam.

  12. YOU had what I call a NO GOOD VERY BAD DAY! I am glad it didn't last longer than a day... and so happy that you found your wedding ring. That happened to me once and I was panic stricken until I found mine.


  13. ps. I am glad you include photos of Miss Lucy.

  14. Holy Bad Day Batman, but you had me at "pregnancy test." There better be some follow-up blogging about that. SO glad you found your ring, and glad today was better than yesterday.

  15. Holy Moley, GEEZ. Talk about a no-good-awful-terrible-day. And I thought my past couple days were bad. Thanks for giving me perspective.
    Glad things are looking brighter. can't just MENTION pregnancy tests & not tell what the result is! Text me if you hafta!

  16. You, Molly, wife to Vic, mommy to sweet Lucy and Peter the are an amazement. Because you are honest. Because you are real. Because you feel so deeply. Because you share so freely. You are amazing, and human and wonderful and I for one wish we knew each other in real life. Something tells me we would giggle a lot. And that little moppet of yours...delish! Feel better dear one!

  17. Molly
    I have read your blog for quite a while and Im not sure if I have ever commented, but I love this post. You are so honest and real. We all have days like this. I havent in about 9 months because I am pregnant, but I know these days will be back very soon. Oh who am I kidding, you can be pregnant and have these days too! I can remember a few specifics and they were scary too!! Just ask my hubs ;-) TO know that someone else feels the same way I do when "that time of the month" comes around, or just those emotional days, makes me feel like I am not so crazy. You are not crazy. We are women and moms. We are bound to have these days and we can get through them too.

  18. Love your blog, stalk it all the time. I don't know that I've ever commented either, but I must say that you have to enter that second picture of Peter into some sort of 'Cutest human alive' contest. That picture is GORGEOUS!!!!! Oh, and glad you had a better day and that vacation is on it's way.

  19. SO glad we talked. SO glad you found your ring! And beyond excited to see you in a few weeks!!!:) LOVE your guts!

  20. This was the day that I really felt like I needed to email you about that verse. And then forgot.

  21. I HATE DAYS LIKE THAT! That fact that you laughed the next day is super impressive to me.

    And the pregnancy test?

  22. I don't know if you read this blog but I thought you might like this post: or at least have an opinion about it. I thought it was good.

  23. Why does it feel like we would never ever have days like that if they were still with us. I know we would still have trials even with them here. Of course we would. Sometimes I feel like everything hard and bad that happens is because they are gone. Sometime it is true.


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