A True Christmas Miracle

Sunday, December 26, 2010

You guys. Wow. What an insane holiday. I will have loads of beautiful pictures to share next week, but for now, I need to share my holiday with you.

My entire family came out for Christmas. First to arrive were Bice and Marie from Boston, with their little beauty, Siena. Next was my sister Amy, son Jack, and husband Chad. Then my brother Taylor and his wife Emilie joined us with their two daughters, Baily and Jada. Along with my parents, we headed up to a cabin outside Park City near Rockport State Park.

We have rented this cabin before and knew how tricky it can be to get to. So much snow involved. SO. MUCH. SNOW. The cabin is at the tippity top of the mountain, over-looking the reservoir on one side, and the back side of Promontory and Park City Mountain Resort on the other. The crazies who live there year-round have chains, plows, and nothing but 4-wheel drive. We arrived on a day of a giant snow storm and our Honda had to be towed by a large truck just to make it to the parking area at the base of the mountain. I honestly did not think we were going to make it to the cabin. Between the 10 adults and six grand-kids, we had only one four-wheel drive vehicle, our trusty old Subaru. We also had enough food to feed a small village, so you can imagine how many trips up and down the mountain it took in order for all of us to get cozy and settled in.

The gourmet cooking fest began, and we enjoyed a day and a half of eating our hearts out, when things took a turn. Amy went into labor in the middle of the night...seven weeks before her due date. They barely made it down the treacherous mountain road to the Park City hospital in time. Amy was dialated to a 9.5 when she got there. The 7 week early baby was in distress. An emergency c-section was performed and a tiny little Christmas miracle was born Dec. 24th around 8 a.m. Henry Russell Larson.

Amy has been recovering at the Park City hospital and Henry is in the NICU at the University Hospital in Salt Lake. Many prayers have been said. Many trips up and down up and down the many mountains have been made. And many thanks given that we are all together as a family to take care of Mom and baby.

It was frightening and exciting. Amy and Chad have a long road ahead of them. It is hard for Amy to be separated from her son, and to be away from home. (St. Louis). I have a great feeling everything is going to work out fine. It is just going to take some juggling and working together so Amy and Chad and Jack can be together as much as possible while still watching over little Henry.

So much more took place during our five days at the cabin. Siena celebrated her first birthday (Dec. 27th). Sledding, 4-wheeling, eating, eating, and more eating. Best food on earth. My family does not mess around when it comes to food. More on that later.

Vic and I are back home and trying to get organized so we can do whatever needs to be done for Amy and her family.

A memorable Christmas, indeed.

This was written by Molly, the post says Vic. Just ignore that part.


  1. Wow! I guess that what I learn from the movies is true. If you are snowed in at a mountain cabin anything can happen... including going into labor early.

    In my experience it is always places in the 'boonies' that you have a crisis. Example: I once went fishing with my family in the middle of nowhere and had a severe asthma attack... after that I got a nebulizer that plugs into the car so I wouldn't have to feel that panicked ever again.

    I am glad that you all a great time though... inspite of the crazy snow etc.


  2. Oh my little Henry! Maybe he just couldn't wait to see that Park City Snow. Maybe he will be a ski bum when he grows up. This sounds like it should have been a made for television Christmas movie!

  3. Here's a Christmas you will always remember! Sending prayers for little Henry~ he just didn't want to miss the party!!

  4. My baby boy was 7 weeks early. He was in the NICU for 6 weeks...seeing those pics of Henry brought back all the emotions of that time. It is so difficult to be separated from your baby and other kids (i dont even know if they have any). i feel an immediate bond with other preemie Mommys. I will certainly keep baby Henry and Amy and Chad. Henry looks good and 33 weekers do great! If they want another NICU mommy to chat with my email is vegasmom77@gmail.com. Cheryl

  5. Molly, little Henry couldn't be in better care. Both of our girls were born by at the U and the NICU there is the best around. Millie was there 14.5 weeks and Maddie 12 days. What an exciting/crazy holiday for your family.

    Tell Amy and Chad congratulations from us.

  6. I meant to say I will keep them in my prayers. Hugs to them.

  7. How great that they have you. Having a premie is so hard. Being separated is the worst. Having family there does make it a little easier. Those pictures are all too close to my heart and bring back many memories. She is lucky to have. My prayers are with you and your family.

  8. wow, Molly. I'm so glad Amy made it to a hospital to have the baby!! Glad to hear things went relatively well. I'm so glad you have your family all together. I'm here for a few days actually. I'd love to see you, but I'm sure you are up to your neck in family plans. I'll catch you the next time around. lots of love :)

  9. I'm so glad they made it to the hospital....how scary! I will keep them in my prayers and hope that everything from here on out goes as smoothly as possible. He is a beautiful baby.

  10. My BFF's dad is a neo-natologist at the U. He is awesome so if you need his name let me know. Your family will be in my prayers. My email is princessfriss(at)yahoo.com

  11. I'm slow to the game, but glad you posted this. I keep thinking of Amy and her crazy story. Can you post an update por favor? Love you.

    Rachel (Clark)


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