Extreme Bowling

Monday, December 20, 2010

Can you handle it?

So last year, at Vic's law firm party, we were recipients of one fabulous bowling shirt and a bowling gift card. (White Elephant) One year later we finally cashed in and strutted our stuff at the bowling alley down the mountain.

We arrived at 7 p.m.--just in time for "Extreme Bowling". Three games. Several disco balls. Music. Shoes. And horrible bowling scores. Man--I was terrible! And the best part is that during the drive down the canyon with John and Debbie I was bragging about my bowling class in college (so I needed a P.E. credit. Our team name was "Salmanilla", because we were poison) and my weekly visits to the bowling alley in high school as part of the school. P. E. curriculum. And yet...I got the lowest score each game. Absolutely horrible.

We were by far the oldest ones there (Ok, so maybe John and Debbie tipped the scale, they are both over 50--but they put Vic and I to shame in the hip department. Wait, not hips, like they don't have fat hips, or broken hips from old age...Oh, forget it).

I don't even have a ball in my hand. Classy, Molls.

After the bowling party, we headed to Paradise Bakery for dessert. Jackpot! We got there right as it was closing and they offered us as many cookies as we wanted as they were about to distribute them to the employees to take home.

We are definitely going to be repeating our performance at the bowling alley again soon. (But with better scores next time). We even signed up for the league and everything. How could we not with a shirt with flames on it?

It would be fun to have a bigger group next time. And meet us at Paradise Bakery in Sugarhouse at 8:59.


  1. I wanna come! You know we Samuelsons always like to dress up at the bowling alley. TETON LANES FOREVER!!!

  2. wow! looks like a LOT of fun. i'm terrible at bowling, so mostly I don't do it. but with a shirt like that...well you are just OBLIGATED to do it, right?
    Looks like you're having fun, how's your foot/ankle injury??

  3. I love you guys. This is too funny. Sorry about your foot Molly.

  4. Bad score after bragging...pride cometh before the fall.

  5. It takes certain people to pull off the bowling shirt and...um OK.

    I love picture of you holding an invisible ball. Some of your best work.

  6. We want to go!!! I think this is the night we couldn't come? (I was sick?) But looks like a total blast.


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