Friday, December 17, 2010

Dancing Fool

I have to tell you something.

It's my way of complaining.

I've been hobbling around on one foot for two days now. It hurts!

How did this happen?

Picture it:
Peter is napping.
Molly is still in her pajamas. At two thirty in the afternoon. Just one of those days.
Her body decides it can't take it anymore and just has to MOVE and sweat.
bare feet.
hardwood floor.

She came down too hard on the heel of her foot during a spastic solo dance move.

And people, it hurts like a mother!

I can't believe I got an injury like this from dancing by myself in my kitchen. My right ankle is now hurting from putting all my weight on it to compensate for the bruised heel on my left.

I'm a dancing fool.

Yes, the photo above is totally posed.


  1. I love that you are so passionate about dancing in your jammies in the afternoon... I love it!

    I am sorry that you got injured though... darn-it! I hope you are a fast healer... so you can be back at it again soon.


  2. Ouch! Sorry that happened and hope you get some super fast healing.


    PS. Is it okay if I smirk just a little imagining you dancin' up a storm in your kitchen? I promise to go back to an appropriately sympathetic facial expression immediately afterwards...

  3. YES! I've totally done this before! (just didn't have the cajones to blog about it).

    You are my idol, you rock star...

    Why didn't we hang out more?

  4. Why doesn't this surprise me? The pajama-dancing part, not the injury part. I thought I was the only one!

  5. Are you sure it's not broken? I hobbled around for a few weeks in pain before I had an xray that showed a fracture!

  6. I hope your foot gets better soon, but it is a funny story! I remember one time dancing around my house and trying to do a high kick and ending up flat on my back!


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