Annual Christmas Breakfast

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our ward puts on a jaw-dropping Christmas breakfast each year. The food, the decor--its amazing.

Lucy's Christmas tree was presented to us three years ago at this traditional breakfast, and it now holds a special place in our hearts.

Somehow, I inherited a "jingle bell belt" from my dad. It was one of the many costumes from the Showtime studio. (My dad directed a touring performing group for many years). I have wanted to wear this belt to the breakfast for the past five years but have never had the guts. I thought people might think it was stupid. Silly me.

I finally wore it this year and it was a hit. I could swear it went with the Santa costume, but the belt is not very big so I don't know how it would have fit around Santa's tummy. You could hear me coming from yards away, which ended up being a bonus, as people made way and I could access the food easier. Look out.

Yes, a flock of girls follow Peter wherever he goes.

Yes, he grabbed the mic and wanted to perform "I Gotta Crow" from Peter Pan (the musical). Can you tell he is crowing?

As well as the girls, this balloon followed him around for the rest of the day.
As a side note, the fire station at the edge of the parking lot is where Lucy's body lay as CPR was performed and life-flight landed. I have never parked in the same spot as I did that day and never will. Just one of those things.

His new favorite trick is climbing the chair in front of the computer onto the lower counter--which allows him access to the upper counter, which allows him access to the candy cupboard.

But Mr. Balloon saved the day and didn't allow the little stinker access to the sugar.
After a short battle, we settled on banana bread batter and milk instead.


  1. Beautiful Tree and I can see why the girls follow him everywhere, he is adorable..When he's a teenager you'll have to watch those girls very closly.

  2. Can you wear the "bell belt" outside of the Christmas Breakfast? Because that thing is awesome and wouldn't annoy people around you at all.

  3. First of all: I am sure that even being in that building every week is difficult for you, let alone the parking lot....I don't blame you a bit for not ever parking there. I wouldn't either. Next- I love the belt... and the pic. of your matching shoes, and he fact that Peter loves to perform like his Mom. :) Peter looks so big in these pictures! What a doll, and I love his hair.

  4. Oh I miss those old Christmas breakfasts... such a great idea and different from the average Christmas ward dinner. Love you!

  5. Molly, I wanted to share with you a quote that I came across today:

    "Life was unendurable, and yet everywhere it was endured. I was reliving my old homework from Mythology for Freshmen. The work of grief, where only unsteady progress could be made, seemed at first Herculean. Then Sisyphean. Then Persean. Then Echovian. Then one was turned finally and prematurely into a flower or a tree, with a flower’s curvature and a tree’s yearning reach. Paralyzed. But with shoes. And dinner. And chores."

    —from "A Gate at the Stairs" by Lorrie Moore

  6. We haven't caught up in a log time. I hope you are doing well. I can't believe how big Peter is and how long your hair is (and Vic's facial hair!). I miss Park City and looks so mountainesque in your photos!

    I still think of you guys often and wish we could go on another double date. Alas...Missouri is a bit far for that.

    I see you have advertising on your blog, which is a great thing for you. I hope you are making some money on clicks...heaven knows this blog has been a labor of love and you deserve it!


  7. I never went back into the travel trailer either. I hated having to park behind it for the couple of months it took to sell it.

    Loved the bell belt, and the Lucy tree is beautiful! I would love to get together after the new year. My email is

  8. The pictures of Peter and the ballon remind me of the movie The RED Balloon...remember that film? He is an adorable little climber!

  9. Darling Santa & Family photo!!! I love it!


  10. I love the matching converse! The jingle bell belt was great. There's no question that Peter is crowing in that photo and I of course love the photo of his fan club!

  11. Love the matching shoes, balloon pics and that belt!


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