30 Days of Thanks #30

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Newpark Recreation Center. Or Basin Rec Field house. I never know what to call it.

I'm really trying to embrace everything about Park City, including the long winters. I tell myself that if I lived in California I'd be dealing with traffic, high cost of living, and keeping up with the Jones's (which is one thing, ironically, that one does not feel living in Park City. All the stay-at-home-moms are so down to earth, so active, so into health, education, and the arts, and not so much fake nails, fake tans, trendy clothes, etc. They just want to go snow shoeing or skiing --not so much shopping. I love it.)

I owe much of my winter sanity to the Newpark Rec Center not too far from my house. Everyday, from 10:30 - 12:30 they have "Toddler Time." The whole family gets in for three dollars. Toddler Time consists of several large bouncy houses, balls, bikes, and mayhem, on an indoor football field. Peter gets to run wild, play with other children, and I get to know great women from around the world who live in PC. Some are nannies, others are mothers, and I have made some good friends from my time there.

In the evenings, I try to return to the field house to run laps, lift weights, and inevitably, watch some bobsled team from Russia or Australia workout. I don't know how many Olympic athletes I have seen there-- which is another thing I love about PC. Did you know one of my dreams has always been to be an Olympic athlete? Its true. What sport I would do at this point, I'm not sure--but it will probably always be in my blood. Gymnastics? Track and Field? Ice Skating? Yes, please.

Last night, while doing my laps, I ran into one of my favorite women of all time and got to chat with her for nearly an hour. It completely made my day. I drove home thinking, "I'm so grateful for the Basin Rec Newpark Center Fieldhouse thingy." It helps me feel less isolated, more alive, and I go a little easier on Mother Nature.


  1. Ahhh I miss that place. Used to work out there when it was so close. I loved the views from the windows while I was on the treadmill! Enjoy it!

  2. you made me want to move to park city:)I only wish for your amount of motivation and drive to exercise. I would love to...if I could find a partner!!!

  3. Sounds like a dream....and really, only $3??? It costs $50 just for me to take Kaia to the aquarium!!! Did you know PC is my dream home? It has always been Plan B.

  4. Well Good Golly Miss Molly! Weird that you just left me a message. I hadn't read your blog in a long time and I literally spent an hour and a half catching up on it (and a good grief.) Weird. I would love to get together. We could let the kids play! Keep me posted! Peace out.

  5. Keeping up with Jones is different for everyone, Shopping and staying "fake" would never tempt me to be like my neighbors, however if my neighbors were working out all the time, I would be coveting ALL DAY LONG. Finding time to exercise is more than difficult these days. When I lived in Michigan and was surrounded by students, that also made me want to keep up with Jones.

  6. Gwenevere,

    EXCELLENT point. And very true. Also, I am a sucker for great clothes and shopping...so what I wrote doesn't really stand on its own two feet. Its interesting how each area you live in has its own culture and influences.

    And I DO feel like there is a lot of pressure to be active and fit in PC--however, I am thankful for that pressure because I feel it is a good influence. But like you said, finding time to exercise as a young mom is a huge challenge. Its all about finding the balance--and that is so hard!

  7. ummm ya. Whata you sayin about us S. Cal stay at home moms?! ;)....I know you're trying to embrace this longgggg winter that is ahead of you so I'll look the other way (this time)...as I head down with G to walk on the beautiful beach in 65 degree weather;)...with my fake nails (not really). You know I LOVE YOU- hehehe....

  8. Jules--You know I'm only saying that to make myself feel better about surviving this winter. You know I want to be 95 lbs and fashionable and drive a Lexus SUV. Oh...then I'd be you. Ah, the life.


  9. I KNOW this wasn't point of this post, but I have laughed to myself every time I think about I think about what you wrote here. And I know a million friends in Southern California that would laugh too at the keeping up with the Joneses, fake nails, fake tans! I think sometimes we see what we want to see. Do you know what I mean? Maybe that's just me. But regardless, that Rec center seems awesome, and I would loooove a toddler time like that every week!


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