30 Days of Thanks #9

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Darci, Anna, Shannon, Britany, and McButta.

The day is not over but I already know, above and beyond, what I am thankful for today:


Although it took me 6 years to get out of the house and into the car with pooper pants, I bit the bullet and made the drive to Salt Lake to have lunch with two great friends-Anna and Alissa. We jabbered on for hours while the kids played and ate delicious food that Alissa whipped up. She's the pregnant one, and yet she did all the cooking. She also happens to be a doctor, so you should be impressed.

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned both of these incredible women before. Anna was my absolute best Park City friend before she decided she couldn't take the snow anymore and moved to Salt Lake for sunnier skies. (Yes, there is a huge difference between PC and SLC in the snow department). Lucy's favorite pair of shoes, the pink crocs photographed in the previous post, were given to her by Anna, as well as a pair of sweet white shoes that Lucy was buried in. Anna and Lucy have a shoe connection that I think is very special. Anna gives me a run for my money in the sass department so we get on swimmingly.

And although Alissa grew up in Park City and her parents are in our neighboring ward, I didn't meet her until our time in the hospital with Lucy--she was one of her talented and capable doctors, and we have since become good friends. I have quoted her in the past and find her to be off the charts in the adorable department. She's petite like me so I'm holding out for some hand-me-downs as well. It pays in so many ways to have girlfriends.

When the sun sets early, and the days are cold and lonesome, I find it most helpful to get out of the house and jabber for hours with girlfriends. It absolutely made my day.


  1. The only thing better than girlfriends is sisters.


  2. Girlfriends are the best! I count you and the other ladies in that picture dear friends. :) Love you!

  3. Lucky for you, I am in the process of cleaning out my closet, so watch for that bag of clothes (most of which should be given to the DI, but you never know) to show up on your doorstep.

    Had a great time today. Thanks.

  4. I remember Alissa from the hospital. She was pregnant then so is this her... second?


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