30 Days of Thanks #8

By Molly Bice-Jackson - 2:57 PM

I'm thankful for Alison Russell, who took the time out of her busy schedule, to snap some family photos of us last month. Alison also created a beautiful scrapbook of our time with Lucy in the hospital. It was a true labor of love. Alison and I aren't the closest of friends, but she is one of those people who I just adore and want to be more like. I am comfortable in her presence and never feel judged. I love people like that. Unassuming. They are who they are, and they allow you to be who you are. Thank you, Alison.

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8 Loving Lines

  1. These pictures are so incredible... you and your family are so beautiful.

  2. I love the one with Lucy's shoes. And I LOVE your red boots.

    Way cool.


  3. wow those are powerfully beautiful photos!!

    and i love your RED boots. (red is my fave fave fave)

    you are an inspiration to many!

  4. What special photos.
    A treasure.


  5. The photo with Lucy's shoes in the latern...stunning. Your family is so beautiful.

  6. Beautiful family photos. Lucy's little shoes are so sweet.

  7. I love that you included her shoes. Very sweet.

    And it's true, it helps to talk with people who understand the grief of losing a child. It's obviously not something I would wish on anyone, but it's nice to connect with those who know -- which is why I check in on your blog every once in a while. I hope it's not weird that I feel like I know you a little bit, and you not so much about me! I guess that's the way Blogville works.

  8. Ok, I want red boots now! These pictures are so beautiful! I love how Lucy is there with you. She always is!