30 Days of Thanks #6

Saturday, November 6, 2010


The VicMeister.


Victor Victoria.

Honey Bun.

Victor Michael Jackson.

I'll spare you the rest of his names. At this moment in time, Vic is sitting in a greasy burger joint with two other guy friends having a "guys night out." He probably won't get home until well after midnight. And I miss him. He doesn't do this kind of thing often, tonight might actually be his first field trip away from the wife and children, but I'm so glad he is out having a great time.

Today we fixed the gutters, raked the leaves, swept the decks, did the laundry, cleaned the house, went to yoga (me), went to a baptism (vic), wrestled with peter, moved and stored patio furniture, watched the sunset, took down the outdoor baby swing, ate chocolate, and slept in until almost 9. Not in that order. It was a glorious day.

Marriage is a strange beast. And every marriage is so different. I pity the man that has to be married to me. Oh, that's Vic. In any case, marriage throws so many curve balls. There are days, and weeks, that I feel at peace. Happy with myself, happy to be married to such an amazing man. And then BAM--suddenly I am forced to look at my every flaw, I realize how selfish my behavior can be and I see my need to be better all too clearly. It is painful, and it isn't easy. And with my sass, no one is coming out of a disagreement unscathed. Vic is not perfect. That's why we make a good pair. There are times I want to murder him, yes. I cannot tell a lie. BUT--I would say 89.7% of the time I am very, very happy and aware of how blessed I am to be married to such a man as my Vic.

Lucky, indeed.

If he is ever a widower and needs to create a MySpace page...here ya go, ladies.

I find myself looking forward to the holidays for the first time since Lucy died.
There are many things to give Thanks for. I would be a fool to not count Vic as one of them.


  1. That picture of Vic... Wow! I have made it a practice not to say things about other people's husbands so I will leave it at that. I agree that you are a lucky girl Miss Molly.

    I am glad you are able to look forward to the holiday season. The holidays are tough after you have lost a loved one. (i still can't imagine a child)


  2. I love this idea of a gratitude. I should copy you. I am sure it would make my heart lighter. I just read your Halloween post. All I can say is amen. I understand how you feel and it is nice to read how I feel written by someone else. We need to meet.

  3. So so happy that you love your husband. I think its the best thing a person can do in a marriage. Love Marlene

  4. I love your honesty. Marriage can be tough sometimes, but what a blessing it is too. Thanks for the sunset pic. I haven't seen a sunset in a long while. It's pretty hilly here. Happy Fall. Go for a run by the white barn through the aspens for me!

  5. Vic, you ARE perfect. And we're sending the electric shaver back ASAP.


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