30 Days of Thanks #5

Friday, November 5, 2010

Today I give thanks for the transporting power of great entertainment. I emphasize the word great.

There are three delights I've experienced recently that must be shared. (And viewed/listened to/experienced)

1) Temple Grandin.
It's a movie.
And a name. Of a real person. An incredible person.
Temple Grandin. Do whatever it takes. You must see it.

2) Mindy Gledhill's new album: Anchor Me
My bestie (side note confession: I HATE the term 'bestie'. Why I just used, I don't know), Amy Hackworth, brought Mindy's new album to our G Wee and I fell so in love with it. I kid you not, I listen to the entire album 5 times a day and know all the words to every single song. It is feel good music. Clever. Witty. Creative. Smart. Please go purchase it. It will make your feet and heart happy.

And lastly, Vic and I attended The Drowsy Chaperone tonight at the Hale Center Theatre. In one word: swell. It was swell! It was a treat. It didn't just entertain, it moved. If you can't see a production of it sometime soon, but want to become acquainted with this darling of darlings, you should also buy the soundtrack and transport yourself to the 1920's. It's a real gem. I prom dress. You will love it.

Its time to stop talking about it and do something about it: I'm going to start singing again. A jazz combo, and band, something. I'm ready.


  1. I loved the movie "Temple Grandin." Such an amazing woman! Did you see her get up and speak at the Emmy's. It was great! I love your 30 Days of Thanks :)

  2. My kids and I love "Anchor," too. They each have their favorites. In fact, they are both self declared fans. (Well, after we explained to the 3 year old that a fan didn't just mean the thing that revolves and blows air.)

  3. I have seen Temple Grandin... loved.loved.loved it!!!!!

    Not familiar with the rest you highlighted... but I did see a wonderful play at the local high school last Thursday night... Little Shop of Horrors. (I posted all about it of course) I just love musicals.

    Wonderful post Miss Molly!!! Entertainment is the best.


  4. I totally agree about Temple Grandin... loved it.. made me cry though. Especially when the doctor told her mother her autism was caused by a lack of motherly attention... brutal. So glad doctors aren't like that anymore. It was very inspiring!

  5. Okay you all! How do we watch Temple Grandin? We don't have cable either and isn't it only on HBO? I really want to see this movie. Help!

  6. love mindy's new cd! really. a lot. glad that you do too

  7. I'm super bummed I waited and looked at your blog today :) Mindy was in Logan (which is where I live) on Friday! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her CD. I've now listed to it over and over again. It's seriously speaks to my soul! (cheesy, I know!) Thanks for sharing. Love it!

  8. I promise I will rent Temple's movie soon and partake of its goodness. Love me a great recommendation, so thank you Miss Molly.

    Also love the idea of you forming a jazz "something". If you are looking for some good connections and somehow do not already have them (unlikely), I suggest you connect with Ryan Nielson and/or his brother Justin; both are heavily involved with jazz last I heard. I am not sure if Justin is on Fb, but I know Ryan is. I bet they would both know legitimate jazz peeps in your neck of the woods. Keep us all posted on how it goes; I think that sounds like so much FUN!



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