30 Days of Thanks #3

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today I am thankful for the small moments.

Peter had me in stitches today. (Where did that phrase come from and what does it mean? Aren't stitches a bad thing?)

After his afternoon nap we set off on a little adventure to retrieve the mail. Our mode of transport was his little wooden wagon. The majority of homes in Park City do not have individual mailboxes. Rather, entire neighborhoods have what I call "a mailbox house." It is easy to go days and days without checking your mail because you have to trek to the mailbox house on foot or in das auto.

So I pull him to the mailbox house, grab the mail, and put most of it (junk) in the wagon with him. I continue on my way, basking in the beauty of the weather. I look back a moment later and Peter has a toy catalogue in his lap and he is earnestly studying it. His sippy was tucked under one arm, the toy catalogue on his lap, and pages being turned with his other hand. He didn't even notice the buses going by (my child loves buses). He flipped through the pages like an old man reading the newspaper at the end of a long day. Once he got to the page advertising Thomas the Tank Engine...well, fagetaboutit. He woot-wooted for the next ten minutes straight.

I had a smile plastered to my face the entire time.

I am so thankful for the small moments in life that bring so much joy. And maybe its just me, but I think someone might be taking after their father. Nerd alert: We have another book worm on our hands.

I think these photos were taken exactly one year ago this week.


  1. You just made me smile, I so needed it today! Thank you for writing & sharing your life with me!

  2. Cute... and I always wondered how one might spell~ Fagetaboutit!!!

  3. I was just reading that Eyring talk about seeing God's hand in our lives. Your post reminds me of that. If we are looking for blessings, it is easy to see even little things as great blessings. They are sometimes the best.
    I think I am going to steal your 30 days of Thanks.
    Also, where are you going to be for Thanksgiving?

  4. Your story has me overflowing with squenchiness (which is a good thing). I wish I could see him flipping through his magazine. By the way, Henry's favorite stuffed animal friends are an elmo doll and a brown stuffed bear. I think our boys would be friends.

  5. small moments are the bestest! especially when they involve tiny ones... their perspective is perfect and untainted.


  6. So cute!!! I can perfectly envision that moment, by your description. My 1st son was a HUGE Thomas fan. He ate, drank, and slept Thomas. When he was 3, we were giving the kids a FHE lesson on the first presidency. He asks, "Do they have a Percy?" I was completely confused by his question, until he asked again, and then said, "Well- they have a Gordon, Thomas, and James- do they have a Percy, too?" I have been a big Thomas fan, ever since. :) Thanks for sharing. I just love reading your blog. I look forward to every post!

  7. Jennie,

    That story is FANTASTIC. Maybe they would consider doing a Deiter train.

  8. Molly- It's funny you said that. When the First Presidency was put into place. He leans over and says, "Well they have a Henry- but there is no way they will ever name a train Dieter." Thanks for the Thomas memories....He is 10 now and has outgrown trains unfortunately. Also- I LOVE that cute smile Peter has on his face sitting with Elmo!


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