30 Days of Thanks #22-29

Monday, November 29, 2010

If you can't tell, my motivation for blogging has been severely lacking--which I'm fine with. I'm happy to be focusing on real-life living, loving, and relationship building. Not to mention, my dinosaur of a camera is on the fritz, so there has been very little picture taking going on--which I'm not fine with. My son is far too adorable and weasely to not be capturing on a daily basis.

I feel myself entering another phase of healing, learning and introspection. My greatest goal is to "let go". I have so many things to let go of. It will take me a lifetime, but each step is a step toward greater peace. That is all I really long for.

I will finish my "thirty days of thanks" tomorrow, and for today, I leave you with a list of my recent thanks.

-Lucy's Christmas Tree
-My blog readers


  1. Your words today left me with a feeling of warm honey pouring down over me. I hear not only the almost sedate projection of letting go, but the lack of desperation that so ofter seems right below the surface of your words. God's arms are around you. Even I feel it!

    Blessings to all!!!

  2. Here's hoping Santa brings you a Nikon D40! I agree... you should be taking more pictures of that beautiful boy!


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