30 Days of Thanks #13

Sunday, November 14, 2010
Date Night.

We have finally established, and are in a regular pattern, of setting aside Friday nights as Date Night. It makes me giddy. And we have some of the best babysitters around to take care of Peter.

This Friday we finally saw "Inception" and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Next Friday, we're slated to go bowling, complete with bowling attire. Who wants to join us?


  1. I love bowling... I don't live close or I would want to join you. But maybe we should just go for fun this week.

    I beat 3 men back in the day... when I was 8 months pregnant and looked like a bowling ball... so I may not be that good now.


  2. We have a date day on Friday's when David is off and all the kids are at school. We really love it. It's such a great time for just the 2 of us.

  3. Are you going to Jupiter Bowl? If you are I just might have to join you. That place is rad.


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