30 Days of Thanks #10

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm thankful for our basement.

With the snow we've been receiving, Peter and I have spent hours playing down there. And the best part, is that I don't care how messy it gets. (Within reason).

Fixing up our basement has been kind of a beast. We had a leak from the water main and had to rip up our front yard to replace it.$$ We also had a leak in our hose pipe outside and had to rip up part of the ceiling in the basement in order to fix it. $ We replaced the carpet padding two times, painted the ceiling, painted all the walls, all the baseboards, cleaned the windows like crazy, painted all window sills, built shelves, replaced the vanity in the bathroom, replaced the lighting and all fixtures in the bathroom, and now we just need some couches and an armoire down there to top things off. I kind of hated my basement for a while. I am now in love with it.

Here is the guestroom in our basement. We actually call it a 'suite' simply because the room does not have a door on it. The entire basement is open, with the exception of the bathroom, and this room is in the back corner in a little nook. So when you come visit, we will close the door leading to the basement and you will have your own 1,000 sq. ft studio apartment. Ski season is just around the corner, make your reservations soon. We'd love to have you.


  1. Would love to visit... Hey Sheila, you in? We could go together and hang with Molly! I can't wait for the snow to fly here!


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