G Wee

Monday, October 18, 2010

So last weekend I had a G Wee--a Girls Weekend. You've never called it that before? Me either, I just made it up. Kind of dumb, but I'm going with it. I think I just coined a phrase. "G Wee." I just decided I like it. You can use it.

Originally, we had nine girls coming to traipse around Park City. Due to the demands of life and motherhood, it was widdled down to just four of us. We dearly missed all the girls who couldn't make it, but of course we still managed to have a blast.

These are girls I have known since I was...12? I have so much history with all of them and love them down to my pancreas. You wouldn't believe it if I told you the stories from our middle school and high school days. Spying on boys in wheat fields (we were in the wheat fields, the boys were in their houses), spying on boys in the dead of winter while dressed head to toe in major snow gear, which subsequently got snagged while jumping fences to avoid getting caught. Oh, that is just the beginning. But you get the picture. There were a lot of boys involved. And spying. And just flat out crazy antics. If I could get a hold of some of the home videos we made...stop the madness right now.

Our reunion two years ago in Boise clearly marked the beginning of my healing. These girls are beautiful, talented, solid, amazing individuals that make you laugh until you weep (or pee your pants). I was in heaven all weekend.

Unfortunately, we (I) didn't do a good job planning, so I worry we didn't suck enough marrow out of all the Park City has to offer. Just another reason to get together again soon. The weather was on the cold side, but we still managed to go "garage sailing" (yes, that is also a phrase I made up and I'm sticking to it), go for a hike/run, eat some super bad sushi, and shop until we dropped.

We started things off at The Pub in Trolley Square. Delish. It was convenient to meet in Salt Lake, as I was coming from Vic's appointment at the Huntsman, and Julia and Janeese had just pulled in from Idaho.

After dinner we took nine years deciding where to go for dessert. How can all four of us be so indecisive? It was quite the sight to see. We went to a few different places, in three different cars, to satisfy our cravings. It's G WEE! Get what you want!

Sharing a few guffaws while getting sick on chocolate butter-cream frosting. No doubt, Janeese was telling some crazy story here.

And...goodnight. The woman has four kids and runs marathons, can you blame her?

Saturday morning I took the gals on one of my favorite running trails in PC near Willow Creek Park and out to the white barn. Of course, we made a few garage sale stops along the way and found some treasures. (And someone willing to give us "cash back" on an out-of-state check. We still know how to work it).

I love you, ladies! It was a great weekend. (Wow, my schnoz in this picture proves the pointedness of my dream last night about getting a nose job-no pun intended).

The sickness from our sushi may have finally gotten out of my system, but our weekend together will forever stay with me. I am blessed, indeed, to have such amazing friends. I'll let you know how long it takes before Vic discovers my new shoes.

As a post edit, I must mention the consumption of one large casserole dish of German Pancakes, smothered in buttermilk syrup. And two very tasty youtube treats that will make you laugh so hard people will wonder if you are mentally stable. I will share the links upon request.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time. One of these days I'll have to come join in.

  2. "G-WEE" is my new favorite one liner.
    Girl, thanks for the great weekend. I agree, we did not have enough time to suck the marrow out of park city, or each other. I could sit and chat with all of you girls for hours, or until I fall asleep mid sentence sitting up. Love you girl, can't wait until the next one.

  3. I'm glad you had a good day. I wish I had friends.

  4. I forgot to mention the CLASSIC youtube videos we watched.

    Always sentimental remind me.

    A nice medley of Christ the Lord is Risen Today, leading into "That's Amore". I mean...did he think they went well together? John Daker...I don't even know er.

  5. And the man-cold. That was gold.

    Thanks so much for hosting us! I loved my part time stay. I'm so thankful for you, and LOVED hanging out with the ladies. Here's to the G-Wee.

    And Janeese, you're fun to be around even when you're asleep. That's well earned rest and you deserve it! Love you!

  6. I am going to need the youtube links.

  7. It looks like a fun girls weekend for sure. I think all you need is food, shopping and coversation and you have it made. It is such a blessing to have wonderful friends.


  8. I'm so far away and jealous... I love you guys. You're all drop-dead beautiful. All four of you. So lovely. Miss you...

  9. Please write a book! Please! WRITE. A. BOOK. I say this with all the conviction of a middle aged CPA mother of 2 from Indiana. Do it girl!!

  10. I remember what a crazy-fun bunch of gals you all were in high school. I have a pretty good vision in mind of all the laughter and joy that went on during your G Wee.What a blessing good friends are!

  11. Glad you had such a fun time.... I'm still so sad I couldn't be there.

  12. Karyn, per your request...



  13. ...And it's painful to think of just how much MORE fun you would have had, were I able to attend...

    I'm trying not to use the word 'jealous' in my vocabulary here. It's one of those very bad words. But I love and miss you beautiful ladies dearly.

  14. Nothin' like a good G Wee!


    PS. No nose job. Yours suits you.

  15. I'll say it: JEALOUS! C'mon I moved back so I could go to the girls weekend and you do it the only weekend I am unavailable! No really, I am so glad you guys got to be together.
    Molls, whhat are the chances you'll be in Park City over Thanksgiving and will have time to see me and mine?

  16. Ok so you know Julia is another connection we have. Crazy....Molls we need to hang out in real life. Wanna come to Cincy?

  17. I'll give you "G-Wee" but garage sailing...sorry, it' s been around a while. Next time you're surfing youtube funnies don't forget this



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