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Sunday, October 17, 2010

In gearing up for my big "home reveal" blog post, I had to share a secret with you that I discovered.

CSN Stores.

Ever heard of them? They are a Boston-based company that carries everything (almost) that you could ever need. We bought two new light fixtures for our Master bathroom that we were unable to find anywhere else (at a fantastic price). And they offer free shipping on almost every item. You can't beat that. I was super impressed with their customer service, efficiency, and selection. I'm a fan.
You can find everything from nesting tables to cookware and even children's shoes. Their ALL MODERN selection might be my personal favorite.

I think CSN likes me too, because next month they are giving away a $65 gift card to one of my readers.

If I had $65 dollars to spend at one of their stores, I might snag this pair of boots for the Pedro Meister:

Or a new blender (Vic dropped ours on our new hardwood floors and it shattered). Or some home organization gadgets. I'm always up for some new shoes for myself (Been wanting some clogs for almost 4 years now). I've never had a cake stand...that's also on my list. Ok, now I'm getting carried away. I think I just heard the fartfignuggen squealing in his crib.


  1. The little boots are cute. I hope you get your clogs soon.

    I will have to visit the CSN store I like the whole free shipping thing.


  2. Joy, the giveaway (and how to win) will all be announced next month. That was just a little teaser. Why are you not in labor right now?

  3. GOOD QUESTION!!! I think it is because this child heard me say how I certain I was that it would arrive early this time. I am feeling a little cranky about it this morning.

  4. Those boots are darling. Seriously.

  5. I love your blog. You make me smile and you don't even know it!!!


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