Quintessential Summer

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

24 July 2010
The Uintas
Jackson+Flint Family
A lake we don't know the name of because the map was so bad
Loads of summer fun
Definitely going back


  1. Molly! You look AMAZING!


  2. How fun! Very impressive cliff jumping! Your little Peter is waaaaay TOO CUTE!!!

  3. YOU are so BRAVE Miss Molly. Check you out with the cliff jumping/diving... I am amazed. I am afraid I would chicken out. YOUR form is amazing and the photos are great. The lake with NONAME is gorgeous too.


  4. Molly I just love your blog! It is so real and so great! Thanks for all of your wonderful insight & honesty. I really appreciate the post about your feelings on saying Lucy's name and I love how Char just speaks Mason's name whenever she needs to. I have had the same feelings about my Mia's name. It just didn't get used enough and I love it so. Thanks, Just Thanks

    Love, Nicole - Mia's mom

  5. Gosh, it looks like fun, but I don't know how you dare jumping down that cliff!!!! I would never be able to do that! You're an amazing family! Love you lots!

  6. Molly,
    I have just finished reading back through your whole blog....It took a few days;) You are an AMAZING WOMAN! Thank you for posting and for being so honest and real about your feelings. Your little family have been on my mind a lot lately...and that's so weird since I don't know you, but I feel...in a way I do. Thank you for doing this blog for sharing your journey. Your insight has helped me understand life better and appreciate my 2 little ones more.


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