Let's Talk About Peter

Thursday, August 26, 2010
I can't get over this child. I am so in love with him. It's just like a friend told me, "You will love having a boy, they are like your little boyfriends!" It's true. I adore him. I nibble him all day and I am amazed that something this delicious and amazing could be mine. This child has truly saved me. Let's talk about some of the darling things he does and the things he loves, shall we? I feel like you need to know more about him.

1) He cannot go to sleep without his "taggy" blanket. As soon as the soft fabric touches his face, his thumb immediately goes into his mouth. It is the only time he sucks his thumb. It's like magic! No pacifiers to carry around and worry about losing. It's auto binky.

2) He can say the following words:
-MOM! Not mama, or mommy, it's "MAAAM". In very short, stacatto breaths, "Mam, Mom, Maam." Think, Finding Nemo segulls.
-Cookoo! Cookoo! (Cookie) He asks for them morning, noon, and night.
-"Uh-OH!" We hear this a lot. In fact, I was singing "All The Singles Ladies" by Beyonce in the car yesterday and I think he thought it was the "Uh-Oh" song. I could not stop laughing from the funny spot in my gut.

And....I guess that's it. BUT, he loves to make the ppfffffttt sound of a horse, the moo sound of a cow, and all sorts of intonations that can be interperetted as, "Peek-a-boo!" and, "Where did Peter go?" as well as the Declaration of Independence, the Alphabet, and a few of Shakespeare's sonnets. And did I tell you he can crow like Peter Pan? (Most of you are probably more familiar with the cartoon version. But in the Broadway stage version, Peter crows like a rooster-- an evidence of his large ego). Peter is enthralled with the show. Enthralled.

3) He loves to sing and dance! He moves his head from side to side, bends his knees, twirls in circles, and claps. A. DORABLE. When he points to the computer and starts humming, I know its time for Sesame Street.org.

4) This merman loves to lay down on his back in the bath, hands behind his head, eyes closed, legs crossed. Where did he learn this? He is vacationing on a beach every time he gets in the tub. It kills me! In fact, he takes the vacation and relaxation so far as to loose his bowels at least once a week while bathing. We won't go into that.

5) He constantly wants to be outside and sniffs out water like a hound dog. Honestly, there could be a puddle the size of a pea and he's on it like I'm on Nutella. His latest is that he actually bends over and tries to drink it like a dog. We don't even have a dog (and heaven help me if we ever will! I know we should be shot for living in Park City and neither recycling nor loving dogs...)

6) His hair is to die for. I have given him 4 haircuts in his nearly 17 months. I am guilty of putting it in a bow or ponytail to stay out of his face while eating. Don't tell Vic.

7) The very first thing he wants when he wakes up is to read a book. This child loves books! It thrills Vic to no end, of course.

8) Squeaky shoes at church. Not the best idea

9) He loves looking at Lucy's photos.

10) He's a picky eater.

11) He has blueberry eyes and a rosebud mouth.

12) He loves to "talk on the cell phone"

13) Peter is a little engineer. He loves figuring out how things fit together and work. I have to say he is somewhat of a genius.

14) His sound affect chip, which all boys are born with, works wonderfully. Car engines, sirens, dogs barking...he's got it down.

15) He blows kisses. A lot. I melt.

16) He loves to hide in all the pillows on our bed. It's a wonderful game to play with the little squirt.

17) He is fearless at the park, and in general really. Is not afraid of strangers and adores other children...to the point that he makes them cry because he gets so excited.

I love this child. I get scared stiff thinking of him growing up.


  1. He could not get any cuter! You can tell he is full of life and personality. I love in the video that you an tell he cracks himself up. :) He is darling and looks so much like Lucy. And his hair is awesome- just like his sisters! It must be in the genes. I call my boys my little boyfriends, too. They are so sweet, and little charmers.

  2. My nephew is soooo DANG CUTE!!! I loved the video and hearing Vic giggle in the background too. Love it!

  3. He is so adorable!!!

    Boys are the best... telling myself that because I just found out I am having a boy - 3 boys?! I do love them though! :)

  4. How cute is that?! Pete Pete and Bennito should recite sonnets together at hted next family gathering. Who knew they'd already be so good at them?? We've got really smart kids.

  5. I LOVE kids who ham it up all the time. Katie is like that too. They can be a handful, but they're so much fun. Peter is adorable...eat those cheeks!

  6. He's adorable! I love the bathtub hair!

  7. Very sweet post! I have many of the same feelings for my little boy.

    I hope its ok if I ask but I'm trying to figure out the timeline -were you pregnant when Lucy passed away?

  8. Lizzie,

    Yes, it is totally ok that you ask. I got pregnant with Peter 6 weeks after Lucy passed away.

  9. This was delightful. You make us all love him right along with you!

  10. speaking as an empty nester... I hope your Peter never does grow up. Not likely... but I love my kids and when they grow up they leave home. Enjoy every moment.

    Now I will keep humming the tune... I won't grow up, I won't grow up. I don't want to go to school.... I'll never grow up, never grow up NOT ME!!!


  11. I'm sure you have heard the quote by the prophet Joseph Smith about how our deceased children were "too pure" to be here. I believe that with all my heart. But, I also believe when you have lost a child that the children left here in that same family are honestly some kind of spiritual giants as well to help us survive that trial!! Peter is too cute!

  12. loved learning more about your little man...

  13. So, I have recently discovered two connections that we both share. Brinn (Klein) King, and Saundra Nye. Both great friends of mine who just happen to know you personally. Small world. Just thought I'd share. Oh, and yes, Peter is adorable! :o)

  14. Adorable! I can remember holding my son's hand when he was about 5 and telling him the day would come when he would not want to hold my hand anymore and he promised that day would never come. To this day, if I take his hand, he smiles and winks at me and says "today's not the day!" and he will hold my hand! He is 25~ and tho I only "test" him rarely, it's nice to know the day will never come!! Enjoy that boy!


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