A Note from Pedro

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hi guys,

My mom and dad are still here. We're all alive and doing pretty well. I'm having a ball crawling around my new house and getting into places where I shouldn't. I didn't know I'm not allowed to crawl on the floor in an unfinished kitchen. I've never heard of splinters, dust, dirt, and nails. But mommy likes to pick me up and put me in the living room anytime I go near there. It frustrates me.

Mommy cries a lot. I think she's tired. She keeps saying something about my sister Lucy. She leaves me every evening to go rehearse for a show and I get to have time with daddy. I think she's having lots of fun with it because she sings the songs to me all day long and dances around my bedroom for me and makes me squeal. But I can still tell she is feeling weighed down. I hope my giggles and fat baby thighs help her. I'm pretty cute, so I have faith my dazzling smile and slobbery face lift her spirits. I know I get into everything, but mommy is pretty good about just letting me explore.

I had loads of fun visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Boston and meeting my new cousin, Siena. St. Louis a few weeks later to visit Aunt Amy and cousin Jack was also a blast. So many new toys to play with and the weather was beautiful. Mommy took me on several runs in the jogger stroller and we even got to go to the zoo. I was an angel on the flight home and sat in my car seat like a big boy. I'm a little pooped with all the traveling and moving we've been doing, but I still love my life and can't wait to start walking soon. I'm just a little scared to try it on my own.

I don't know when our new house will be finished, but I hope soon. I want to crawl on that darn kitchen floor and help mommy cook and sweep. I hear there is an entire big basement just waiting for me to go romp around in. If you want to see some photos of our house before we started the remodel you can go HERE. (I'm pretty savvy for a one-year-old, eh?)

I think last Sunday was a Special Day. I heard everyone saying, "Happy Mother's Day." Mommy cried a lot. But I gave her lots of cuddles and daddy gave her some beautiful roses. And I took my first step! Daddy is tired too. He works hard all day at a stressful job and comes home to a messy house at night. It smells like paint in here all the time and there are lots of men coming and going. But I just smile at everyone and keep eating my goldfish. It charms them for sure.

Mommy says I'm her earth angel. She and daddy say that I have saved them. They squeeze me a lot and say prayers with me. I'm just happy to be with mommy and daddy and to be learning about the world. I see Lucy's picture in the house and I want to tell mommy and daddy so much. But I don't know how to say it.

I know mommy and daddy love me. I know they miss my sister.

I hope you like all the photos from our life lately. Such grand adventures! Come see my mommy sing and dance like she does for me--on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays. (She performs in the last two shows on Saturdays, not the afternoon matinee). It might make you giggle too.

Thank you for loving me and my angel sister and my mommy and daddy.

Slobbery kisses,

My new "nephew-cousin" Blake.
I can see why mommy wants to live in Boston.

Uncle Bice is a gourmet chef and made us the most delicious grilled stake paninis with arugula and goat cheese. We sat on his porch in Cambridge and ate in the delicious sunshine. Wish I had more teeth.

Our hotel had a great view and I loved watching the boats and cars below. We could walk right across the bridge into the North End. We had our fill of Mike's Pastries Cannolis.

Mommy and daddy took me to the Boston Aquarium. I loved the sharks and the penguins.

Daddy is so handsome. I want to grow up and be just like him.

My "nephew-cousin" Ian.

Struttin my stuff at the Boston Public Gardens.

Mommy and me at the U.S.S. Constitution. Daddy was in heaven.

Auntie Marie and Siena

Mommy and daddy.

Nana, Mommy, Uncle Bice, Poppa

This is Mommy's brother, Bice, and my cousin, Siena.

And this is my happy family. You can't see my sister, but I think she's there, smiling down at us.


  1. Peter,

    Thanks for blogging - it has been so crazy lately. I get home from work in time for Mommy to leave and start working on the house, painting, organizing, repairing etc etc. We definitely need to finish so we can get back to normal life.... but then what is normal right? I'll tell you what's not normal - you my young man. You are so fun and so smart! I love watching you explore - take things apart, move things here, move them there... Keep on learning! Hopefully we'll get to both go see Mommy in her play. It'll be fun! Thank you so much for making life so great! I love you!

  2. Yes, Pedro, thank you for the blog! We've been missing hearing about you and your family. You do look very smooch-able. Tell your mommy I'm thinking of her. Also, tell her that white appliances would be great. I think stainless is on it's way out too, now that we have a kitchen-full and just bought a matching fridge to boot. I peeked at your house pictures. Look at all of that painting to do! We have lots of tall walls to paint too, but they are going to have to wait. Tell your mom to do your room first!
    Lots of love to all of you this week especially...

  3. Peter I love all of the adorable photos of you... especially the last one with your parents. What a great looking little family! We sure love you, sure do (like aunt Peggy says).

  4. Dearest Pedro,

    Your blog post is exceptional (and you have excellent writing skills!)--it is great to be updated & see all of the FUN you have been up to. Tell your Daddy & Mama that the remodel WILL end someday & then your home will be so amazing! Please give your Mama extra kisses & snuggles, and tell them both that we love 'em!

  5. Pedro,
    Thanks for the update. Good to hear from you. Sounds like you are a world traveler at the ripe old age of 1. Are you on facebook? Any girl friends other than your mom? You have the best parents in the world. I met your sister a few times. Gorgeous! You look just like her and the both of you are the most curious people I have ever met. Always exploring. I heard you bought a new yellow Camaro. Dude, thats so sick. Ridiculous. You can drive before you can walk. Just goes to show everyone how awesome you are. Your dad has nothing on you. He is jealous of your hair. Did I ever tell you how much I love your "rat-a-tat-tat" laugh? Where did that come from? Ga.ga.ga.ga.ga. You have got quite the beat going there. I think it must have come from your rock-n-roll grandpa Bice - a cool dude himself. Well, got to run. I hope to see you soon! Your best friend, "Stinky." (I hope you don't mind my smell.)

  6. You're a DOLL Pedrito....I vote for Pedro

  7. hey, I was wondering where you went...glad to see you blogging again. The new place looks great. You look happy and cheerful despite the fact that Peter says your sad. I'm sorry. Glad you've got that little booger to keep your spirits up...he's really adorable. Just like his sister. Hugs to you.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing Mister Peter... I love seeing photos of your family. Also it helps to know how Mommy & Daddy are doing.

    I have been a busy Grammy/Mommy...
    but after tomorrow... things will slow down.


  9. Typing before walking? Very impressive! Boston is magical...my mom and dad went there on their "babymoon" before I was born. I am excited to come play with you in your new house. My mom is glad that your family found some good painters. Tell your mom good luck for us on her show. We just bought our tickets---well my mom and dad did...for some reason they won't allow any kids under the age of 5. I can't figure out why? :)

  10. I'm thinking about you a lot as the anniversary comes nearer, and praying for you to feel peace and comfort. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help with the house.

  11. Haven't visited for ages. Glad to hear you are taking care of everything, Peter. Glad to hear it.

  12. Oh he is so adorable! Molly you look beautiful as always. Love you friend...

  13. Tragedy has struck close. Grief is so strong it can be smelled and tasted. I wonder where your strength comes from, but then I know that. I'm just amazed at the courage you have to reach out and grab on to that courage instead of sink into a pit.

    A 15 month old boy dies after a family wedding, with no warning, no symptoms of what would kill him. "No one could have known, and no one could have saved him." Doctors say those things don't they.

    I've gone on your journey with you as much as one can in cyberspace, and now I realize how much I've learned from you as I find myself quoting you in the effort to reduce grief and extend personal compassion.

    I want to thank you, with renewed respect, for all you have shared with us who fumble to try to understand.


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