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Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's hard to know what to say to my hero. My knight in shining armor.
I'll never forget riding down the PCH, the wind blowing in our hair, as I fell hopelessly in love with him.
I could see from the start he was a man of the highest character. The way he talked about his family--I never doubted he would treat his wife with respect. But I had no idea what I was in for with him as a father.
And sadly, seeing him deal with Lucy's death is what made his character shine the brightest. Set against such a dark background, he shone brightly as the sun for me. My guiding star at night. My reason to breathe.
To quote Dr. Packer, one of Lucy's doctor's in the PICU,

"When you work in a children's hospital, you see people's true colors shining through. This is not always a good thing. But your true colors are brilliant. As I watched you wade through tragedy with Lucy I saw grace, love and Christ-like charity. I thought, on more than one occasion, 'this is what the ideal husband looks like. these are the qualities that
count, the personality traits that really matter.' Your love for Lucy shined through, and while that was beautiful to see it wasn't the really impressive thing. The thing that sticks out to me when I think of that awful week is your sense of gratitude and love for everyone else around you. From nurses to doctors to janitors to friends and family and most especially, Molly. It was a week that you are given a free pass to be selfish and awful and you weren't. The stuff that you are made of is good stuff."

Isn't that beautiful? How did I get so lucky? The glimpses you catch of him as a father are just that, small glimpses. You should see him in everyday life. Sacrificing so I can follow my dreams and passion. Painting, cleaning, organizing, putting away laundry. Reading to me every single night so I can fall asleep-- Even over the phone when we are apart. Doting over Peter and marveling at his every move. Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for putting such a marvelous man in my life. He made me a mother. I don't think he'll make a Saint out of me, but keeping me sane is more than I could ask for. I love you, my Man Clam. (Did you know that is my nickname for him? Long story...)

Happy, Happy Birthday Victor dear. Happy Days will come to year all year. If I had one wish then it would be--to be with you, Lucy, and Peter for eternity.

Some of my favorite times:

What a Victor.


  1. You are indeed blessed.

    I wanted to ask... see we know that you are an actress and a singer, but did you know that you are a talented writer as well. You words, in their unique way, display such talent of expression that I wondered if you write, beyond blogging? If not, in your spare time (LOL), you should!

  2. True colors! I love that quote, thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday Victor!

  3. Wow! That was such a beautiful post. Having a great man is certainly something to be grateful for. I absolutely love...."if I had one wish then it would be...to be with you, Lucy and Peter for eternity!"

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog!

  4. Happy Birthday Vic!!
    Molly you truly are a lucky girl!! Lucky? We all know it was not luck. The Jacksons are made of "good stuff" all of them. That Dr. was right.I am so happy Vic found some one just as wonderful!!

  5. Dr. Packer sure has a way with words. Beautiful! Happy Birthday Vic. From all Molly has said about you, you seem wonderful! Have a "wonderful" day!

  6. Vic... Happy Birthday from the Hamilton bunch. We hope that it's most fantastic, wonderful, fabulous, and FULL of love.

  7. What a wonderful...
    Happy B.day!!!


  8. Happy Birthday to Vic today! I just love him. And I love you too, Molly. Thanks for inviting me for cake today. I saw a "small glimpse" of Vic as a father this afternoon, smiling hugely as he was tossing Peter between him and the Grandpa. I can tell being a Dad makes Vic happy. Great post!

  9. That was so sweet! Your family is amazing! Keep shining!

  10. You deserve him. He waited just for you. :) I'll never forget the look in his eyes when he introduced me to you at Jamie and Layne's reception. I knew that was it for him--totally smitten. And he still is. . .

  11. Molly,

    This is Tracie, Wes' sister. I wish I could have said what I really felt tonight when I saw you at Home Depot.

    I know I hardly know you. But I feel I do. And knowing of your grace and beauty vicariously through my brother, my sister in law, and your blog has been one of the biggest of blessings in my life.

    I think only in the hereafter will you have a comprehension of how many people you have affected for tremendous good....people you've never even spoken a word to.

    To see someone who truly lives their religion through such a tremendous hardship, makes me believe that I can overcome ANYTHING this manic world could offer.

    You are an beautiful inspiration.
    Your little boy is breathtaking.
    And your husband is a doll.

    Thanks for coming into Home Depot tonight and making my night!

  12. beautiful!!

    happy birthday to your husband!

  13. I think you have a rare gem there:)

  14. I'm so glad that you and Vic have each other. He sounds like a wonderful man and husband and a perfect completion to you. I just realized that he and my Uncle Mark (Lisonbee- who you know, right?) share a birthday. I hope it was a great day for him!


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