Still Got It

Thursday, April 22, 2010

We're back from Boston.

It was a wonderful whirlwind.

But I still got it...

My mad skills
My sanity (barely)
And my house work.

Back to the grind.

I am burning the candles at both ends. Remodeling our new house, rehearsing every night until 10 p.m., flying to St. Louis this Tuesday for a week, packing, mothering...phew. And let me tell you--the flight from Boston to Salt Lake with a one-year-old who refuses to sleep is not for the faint of heart. That little stinker was fussing, kicking, crying, crawling, squirming, and squealing the ENTIRE flight. Actually, let me correct myself...MOST of the flight. He decided to sleep as soon as he heard, "Please put your seat backs and tray tables in the upright position." His timing was impeccable.

More photos coming soon.


  1. My kids were never very good fliers, either. I think their ears bothered them, because they were delightful most of the time. But put them on a plane, and it was pretty much misery.


  2. Glad y'all are back safe & sound. You're one busy gal.
    Love the picture. I was actually running the other day, thinking & wondering if I could still do a back-handspring. Next time we get together we'll have to have a handstand/hand-spring contest. You're a year older than me, so at least I know it's possible to do it without breaking your back. I'd love to take a tumbling class one day... one day...

  3. Wow. Look at your belly. So flat. Nothing like that last swim suit shot you posted. But I think that was an "I still got it" shot, too.

  4. freak. murphey gets us every time too. like the time i opened the nubby cup bottle with the flippy straw after we had ascended and it squirted milk 3 rows ahead of us, drenching everyone along the way. at first i sank into my seat and thought about pretending it wasn't us. 5 seconds later i decided that wouldn't work, so i started passing wet wipes forward, saying "sorry, it was only cow's milk." b/c at least it wasn't breastmilk. thank heavens.

  5. Holy crap, is that you?!?! That's amazing!


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