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Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Hi friends,

I've been in Boston for 7 days now and will be here 4 more. Just wanted to let you know we're having a marvelous time. Traveling with a one year old is like hell on wheels and then some, but we're managing. Boston in the Spring is absolutely stunning. My soul is so alive in New England. It thrives. I feel like this is where I belong.

I'm missing my Lucy like crazy. Had a big cry last night in Vic's arms. I think its being away from home, from most of my responsibilities--it gives my mind permission to think about her like I haven't let myself in a long time. Seeing new things, going on adventures, they are reminders of her absence. I forget what a toll traveling takes on me. It is so enlivening and exciting on one hand, and on the other it is so draining and depressing.

We're approaching the two year mark and it is powerfully more painful than I anticipated.

The good news is I was just cast in "The Wedding Singer" at the Hale Center Theatre in SLC. Come see me this summer and let me give you a hug.

We're getting ready to set sail for the day.


Can't wait to show you all the fabulous photos we've been taking and tell you of our adventures. Life is crazy. Life is hard. But life is good and beautiful.


  1. Great news Molly! Enjoy your time away!

  2. Congrats on your new gig! When will it be running?

    And I'm headed with my 10-month-old to Boston in a couple of days myself! I live in Baltimore, and it'll be my first time in Boston. My brother is running the marathon for his first time on Monday, and we have good friends up there. I'm excited to see it all!

    Without ever having met you, I think of you a lot. You're doing an amazing job weathering these ebbs and flows of emotion. Hang in there.

  3. Two years...it's unfathomable. You continue to inspire me.

    So- the Wedding Singer? As in "it's not a sock" wedding singer? A play based on the hilariously sweet movie?

    I might have to do a little travel...

  4. If you like ice cream you should find Kimball Farm in Carlisle (not too far from Boston). They have delicious homemade ice cream and it's reasonably priced. It's very New England-Y!

    343 Bedford Rd (Rt.225)
    Carlisle, MA 01741
    (978) 369-1910

    Enjoy your trip!

  5. Congrats on the play! I wish I were there to see it!!


    PS. To be honest, I can't believe it's been two years already. But I can see the healing in every post...even amidst the sorrow. You are such a sturdy though sensitive soul, Molly. And that's a rare and wonderful combination.

  6. Oh how wonderful this sounds. I'm so glad about the fun you are having. I've dreamed of Boston but never got there.

    As for Lucy, that darling girl, I know you carry her in your heart. For now, that's just right. But she'll want to hear about everything when you reunite. What joy that will be.

    Love to all,

  7. This week will be 6 months for us. Oh how we miss our little man. You are amazing. I love you, although we've only met through blogs. I often wonder if our little angels are comforting eachother or if they even stand in need of being comforting... knowing where they are. I can't believe how many of us travel this road together. We recently went to Mexico, just the four of us... and it was wonderful. Sunshine and nothing to do other than have fun and focus on one another. LIFE is hardest when we have to face our trials and the "real world" but when we were away, there wasn't a single second that went by that he wasn't in my mind. Like you, I am thankful for husbands arms to cry in to. We took family pictures and it was the first time that it didn't include him. I didn't even have a photo that I could throw in there to "pretend" like he was there. Realizing that our lives go on without his physical presence is so very painful.

    I just think she is gorgeous. I think you are goreous and you have 2 handsome & special men in your life as well. I'm glad we have them to keep us going!!! We have them as a reminder to what we will have once again, when we are reunited with our sweet angels. I love you for sharing your story. I don't feel alone or crazy for sharing mine.

    Lots of love,
    your friend Jess

  8. Boston this time of year sounds Heavenly! I am sorry that things have been harder for you recently. I am glad that you have a good husband, who understands your feelings, and is there to help comfort you, as I am sure you are there when he needs it. I am going to the Wedding Singer- so I am so excited that you were cast in it. What role will you be playing- and will you be there for all of the shows? Congratulations! It sounds like such a fun play. Best wishes for the remainder of your trip!

  9. oh...say hello to Boston for me. Love it and miss it. Everything there reminds me of my little Cameron and the wonderful memories we created. We even have a plaque and brick with his name at the Watertown library. Such good times. Enjoy it and a good cry is always good for the soul. Love to you! Cassi

  10. I will take you to Kimball's. I will. Call me.

  11. Hi sweet Molly! Thinking and praying for you all the time. That is so awesome that you are going to be in "The Wedding Singer" I'll have to come and watch you, and give you a big hug!

  12. You don't know me, and I hope that you don't mind my commenting, but I needed to send you a hug. We lost our beautiful daughter, Emily, a little over 6 years ago. It has been a long, challenging, and rewarding road as we have grieved for our baby girl and learned to live again without her in our arms. You mentioned it will be two years soon and how much more painful that is than you had anticipated. As I read that, I vividly recalled our second year without Emily. I had thought that since we'd made it through one year nothing could be worse and I was surprised by the pain of the second year. I think it was because I realized just how many years we would have to live without her until we would hold her in our arms again forever. I guess I just want you to know that...well, that you are not alone. There is so much more I could say but that will have to do for now.

  13. I have to agree with Rachel above, I lost my little guy three years ago and while I don't cry every day like I used to - Anniversaries just remind me how long it has really been since I held him in my arms. Anyhow, I have been reading your blog for awhile - but then my friend Cherie Call Hall made mention that you are a friend of hers as well -- so that made me love you all the more.

  14. Hey Molly! Congrats on the new gig! What nights will you be performing so I can be sure to buy tickets for the night you'll be showin off your mad actin skills...

  15. Yeah about the Hale Center Theater gig! I am SO coming. I've gone to a ton of their productions when I've been home for vacations and I think they are wonderful. I've been dying to do something like that for some time. You know, just be a part of something again, so I'll be curious to quiz you. I'll check out when I plays, but if you have an understudy or something, I'll want to be sure to be there when you're "ON." Congrats again!

  16. Molly,

    I am interested in sharing my story on a good grief. When you first announced the site I thought it was a wonderful idea, but I only thought about one aspect of grief, death. I love how you have included many obstacles that cause people to grieve. My son was diagnosed with a High Functioning form of Autism when he was two and I think it would really help me and hopefully others to share my experience. Let me know if you are interested in my story.

    Carly Young


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