Easter 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our favorite Kevin from London was in town (in country?) and we got to spend a wonderful Easter Sunday with him as well as the Bice Family. Kevin is one of the kindest, funniest, most personable, energizing guys to be around. He brightened our day and my family adored him. Before heading to my parent's home for dinner, we visited Lucy's grave. Last time Kevin was here I was getting ready for callbacks for Peter Pan and he was a wonderful coach and nanny. He took Lucy on long walks while I worked on my monologues. He coached me in what to wear, how to act and stand like a boy and shared my giddy excitement over the possibility of getting the part. Lucy was just over a year old.

And here he was, with our little one-year-old Peter, visiting her grave. The reality of her absence hit him. He said it was almost as if time stood still and Peter were Lucy. He cried with us at the cemetery and shared stories of loss and hope with us. People like Kevin feed my soul. And he's single ladies! And he lives in London. Let me know if you want me to hook you up. I've promised him I would find him a wife. I truly adore him. He's my little good luck charm. Every time he's in America on holiday I get cast in a show.

Vic met Kevin when he was doing a semester of law school in London. I have since adopted him. Vic hates it when I steal his friends. But what can I say? I'm cuter and I smell better.

After a delicious dinner prepared by my mother, we participated in the classic "motorboat" photo shoot. Relax your lips, and blow... I was laughing so hard I nearly wet myself.


And blow...

This one of my brother Taylor and his wife is possibly my favorite.

But let's be honest--Vic's takes the cake.

It was a wonderful weekend.

Look familiar?

I miss the little Booger Baby. Way deep in my bones.


  1. Looks like Easter was wonderful with family & friends. I love Lucy's bunny ear photos. She's the cutest bunny in the world!

  2. P.S. If Peter gets any cuter, my computer screen will explode.

  3. Vic's is frightening.

    And Peter and Lucy are perfect.


  4. What a great friend, so Blessed! I want a Kevin!

  5. Happy Easter to you! The pictures are hilarious...Your sweet Lucy and Peter are just beautiful!

  6. Dang, I wish I knew someone for Kevin. He is really good looking.

    I love the two photos of Peter and Lucy. So easy to tell they are brother and sister. So sweet.

  7. What a great friend! Please tell Kevin he is the bomb. (Not sure the kids use that terminology anymore, but you know what I mean). The BOMB!

  8. There's my cute friend! I'm so excited to see you in a couple months. I'm afraid you will be so busy, for sure our time will be cut short. No matter, you rule. Love the post.

  9. I think you need to make that picture of Vic the one on your sidebar. That is HYSTERICAL! LOVE IT!

  10. Is Kevin still single?? If so, hook it up. I can't ever say no to an English accent...


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