Weekend Weecap

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Here's the game: I list the weekend's events and you have to match the photo to the event.

-Wasatch Brew Pub on Friday night with John and Debbie Flint followed by a SHORT stroll down Main Street (it's freezing here folks!)
-Sledding on Saturday. Peter's reaction was the same as his sister's, "What is going on here? I'm in this giant snow suit that causes complete immobility and is making me sweat. Meanwhile, my face is freezing and you guys are running around like complete fools. I don't get it."
-Impromptu pizza party at our place Saturday night. Vic and I made a mighty fine team. Roasted red pepper, feta, fresh basil, tomato, and more cheese. Mmm....
-Mug shots on the infamous wall. So famous its IN famous.
-Visit from Poppa while Nanna is romping around San Fran for a week.
-Waiting by the window to see Daddy come home
-Peter making us giggle with glee
-Sunday cuddles after church

Wesley--he's missing his better half. Somehow we did not get shots of the lovely ladies during the pizza party. Oh, we were too busy talking about our husbands and solving the world's problems.
Not to mention that background just does not go with our skin tones and wardrobe.

Not pictured:

-Vic is treated to a facial at Paul Mitchell on Saturday ( I had to go and watch simply to see the popping of the pores parade. Oh, those blackheads! So satisfying)

-Oscars party Sunday night complete with ballot. I so lost. Who cares, I just wanted to see more of Matt Damon.


So this week's fun challenge is to share with me your favorite joke. It is only appropriate that I share with you mine. Please note that this joke must be told out loud and my strict directions in acting it out must be followed in order to be effective:

So there's a king taking a bath. He has a servant in the room standing there with a towel draped over his arm and a silver tray of soaps and the like. The king suddenly realizes he needs to fart and as an excuse to get the servant out of the room quickly says, "Could you please go get me some wine?"

As soon as the servant shuts the door the king just lets it rip.

A bit later the servant comes back carrying a bottle of water and a cup of olives.

"What on earth are you doing? I thought I told you to get me some wine?"

"Well...sir...., as soon as I shut the door, ahem, thought I heard you say {this is where my instructions come in. Place your pointer finger over your lips and move your finger up and down, creating the buba buba underwater effect while saying...} "A bottle of water and a cup of olives."

Another great joke could be my hair. I just came home from the gym and look ever-so-lovely.


  1. What a precious little Mister that your charming Peter is. Ü

    Anytime you put your child on video just expect that they are not gonna keep doing what they were doing 2 seconds before you grabbed the camera.

    Love your directing and the silly joke... complete with YouTube tutorial. YOU crack me up and that is a good thing.


  2. I SO remember that joke! I had forgotten who told it to me long ago. Thanks for the memory. :)

  3. That video of you and Peter is TOO cute. He looks like such a happy little guy, with cheeks that are constantly begging to be kissed.

  4. Peter is just the cutest kid! Love you Molly! Good to see happy smiles.

  5. Such smiles! Felix is a bit stoic. That is fun that he is so smiley!

  6. OH little Peter in the video. Oh my heart....


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