Siena Marie Bice

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Bet you didn't know I had a new niece.

Well....I do.

Named after Siena, Italy, where my brother proposed to his gorgeous wife.

And she loves her PUJ tub!

But not as much as I love her. Can't wait to meet her in Cambridge next month!


  1. She is fabulous!! What a great name! Love the new picture of Peter on the sidebar!!

  2. check out all that gorgeous dark hair... Siena is a doll. Congrats on the new niece and being able to see her soon.

    My grand-girl Capri was named after Capri, Italy (where she was born - her Daddy was in the military).


  3. She's just gorgeous! Congrats to your family. :)

  4. Can you believe this beauty is actually part of our family? She's all Pelletier, huh? Can't wait to snuggle her and see her and Peter together.

  5. She is so stinkin' beautiful. Ahhhhh! makes me want one.

  6. look at all of that hair! She is a beauty! I might have to get me one of those tubs this next time around.

  7. She is sooooo cute! How fun to see a picture of her! Tell them hello from us!

    Joy and Jason and kids

  8. So Cute... I purchased the Puj Tub for a friends new baby arrival a month ago and she loves it! It will be my gift to everyone from now on! Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. What a darling, beautiful child! Congratulations on your new niece, Molly!

  10. sure, fine, come visit Boston AFTER I move! just kidding. glad you have a little niece to go visit. hope to see you in Utah sometime this year!

  11. She's darling! Tell her we say Hi and have a great time for us!

  12. hee hee I HAD to comment on the beautiful name. I have a Siena Marie too! :) Love her hair!!!

    Keep on bloggin and I'll keep reading because you do a wonderful job. Oh and please tell Vic hello from the crazy Payne's in AZ!

    Sandee Prince
    {John Payne's little sis}


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