Days of Plenty--Realized

Monday, March 1, 2010
This past weekend Vic and I were invited to give a fireside for the stake in Woodruff, UT, near Bear Lake. The hour plus drive it took to get there on a sunny Sabbath afternoon was perfect for my soul. Peter slept peacefully in the back seat and Vic and I chatted (maybe bickered [respectfully disagreed?] for a bit too), as we went over our talks. Holding hands while driving through the countryside and contemplating our experiences--it was therapeutic soul searching.

I feel it went well. I hope it went well. I hope I honored Lucy's life properly as I shared my thoughts, my songs, my testimony. For me, it was an incredible experience. We entitled our talks, "Lucy Lessons" and shared some of the lessons we've learned through our loss. Although my emotions were running high, (did I make the ugly cry face?) I was able to keep it together enough to deliver my message and sing my songs, accompanied by the brilliant Alena Hicken. Vic also spoke briefly and shared a video of Lucy in her Johnny Jumper as he shared his "Lucy Lessons" about the importance of having a body and the resurrection. It was such a satisfying and enriching night.

As people approached the stand to meet us, I was overcome with love for these people whom I had never met. I couldn't help but hug each and every one of them. Darling young women, young mothers, grandmothers, fathers, brothers, Stake Presidents, Bishops. We shared tears and heard their stories. Some shared words of encouragement and thanks, others shared heart to heart stories of similar tragedy and fluke accidents.

-Losing a son in an avalanche
-Losing a niece from simply a fall from a swing set (almost 13 yrs. old!)
-Losing an 8 yr.old grandson from falling off a tractor hayride
-Car accidents

Some were long-time blog readers, others had never heard of us. But the feeling of unity and love was unmistakable. A new favorite quote from Neal A. Maxwell that I shared that evening sums it up perfectly for me:

" Empathy during agony is a portion of divinity."

My brothers and sisters in Woodruff, UT are divine. They grieved with me. They loved with me. And I hope they learned with me.

Alena Hicken Hall (former roommate, pianist for Showtime Company and Young Ambassadors, friend, and all around amazing person), me, and Aaron Hull (also a Showtime friend and like a brother to me. Aaron is the Seminary teacher and Young Men's president in Woodruff and was finagled into getting me to come).

[What's all this Showtime talk? It was a performing group at Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho) similar to Young Ambassadors. Alena, Aaron and I (along with the rest of the singer/dancers, musicians, and technicians) toured the British Isles. Being together again last weekend was wonderful. Alena at the piano, me at the mic, and Aaron at the "sound board". My friends from Showtime Company aren't friends--they are family. ]

I know Heavenly Father has a hand in our lives. There are moments this is so apparent. Where everything from past and present come together in an undeniably clear way. "All these things shall give thee experience and be for thy good."

I was talking with my dad this morning about the weekend's experiences. I shared with him what a pooper my little stinker is and how much I love him. (Any other descriptive smelly words we should throw in there?). We were discussing our upcoming trip to Boston and NYC, and just generally celebrating the blessings in my life. Health. Love. Family. Friends.

"Days of Plenty", he said, "Molly, Days of Plenty."

And it is with a full heart and wet eyes I say to you now--there are Days of Plenty. For me, for each of us. I hoped for them, but didn't see how they could happen. How one woman could be so blessed, I don't know. Thank you, Aaron, for allowing me to share my heart with your friends in Woodruff. Thank you, Vic, for patiently supporting me. Thank you, Lucy, for teaching your mommy so many valuable life lessons. Saying that I miss you doesn't convey the intensity with which I long for you. Ache for you. Think of you. But even in your absence, mommy has found days of plenty.

Each one of them a Miracle:

Skiing in Deer Valley. A birthday gift from a dear friend, Brasilia.

After Studio 5- lunch with Nana on Temple Square

Family Valentine party to celebrate the birth of yours truly, her daddy (Peter and Lucy's Poppa), and niece Jada.

The greatest miracle of them all...


  1. I love reading your blog. I think about it often and the way that you have dealt with adversity so graciously and it is inspiring!

    ...I had to comment today because Alena is my mom's cousin and I love to hear her play! Small world...

  2. Amazing! I wish I could have been there. Love to hear your thoughts, love the pics, love that you brought up Showtime (I was showing the boys some videos of the show this morning and it's on my mind) and I Love YOU!

  3. I wish I could have been at that fireside! I'm sure it was so uplifting. I'm so incredibly happy for you.

  4. That Showtime stink doesn't wash off to easily, I have found. It follows you throughout your life, and only those who know the smell will seek you out. For they are the only ones who know how wonderful a stink it really is. I mean that in the best possible way.

    That experience really made me grateful. I have been having a crappy day. That really picked me up.

  5. I LOVE that Neal A. Maxwell quote--I remember hearing it when he spoke it over the pulpit and committing it to memory then...some time during my teens. It is my favorite, but I haven't thought about it in years. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. I would have loved to be present for your talks and songs...I don't know how you could make it through the singing!
    Peter is such a little cutie!

  7. Molly, you are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your "Lucy Lessons" with others--you & Vic are adding moments of joy & faith to so many people's lives! Wish I could have been in attendance. Glad you are enjoying these *days of plenty*, may we all recognizes the miracles in our lives!

  8. I hope you give more firesides like this. I think you have much to share and, quite possibly, a mission to share it.


  9. Speaking directly from a member of the congregation on Sunday. You were so beyond absolutely fabulous!!! My Husband and I are so glad that we came. (We live in Randolph - Ten Minutes away.) Your inspirational talk and beautiful voice inspired me in ways that I can't explain. You reminded me exactly why I am a Mother, and this week I have been looking at my Braedyn a little differently.

    With much love and appreciation for your Greatness!!!

  10. I would pay money to be in the congregation to hear your fireside, Vic and Molly. Really. Tears and smiles tonight....

  11. God love you, you precious woman. And your pooper and your precious Lucy girl and your dashing husband. You are a blessing. Your life personifies the grace of God and how any crap situation can be made beautiful - beauty from ashes - when we strive to glorify Him and live in JOY and LOVE. Your girl is changing lives. She has changed mine.

  12. Once again...
    thank you for sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings. Oh how I wish that losing Lucy would not have been your trial and longsuffering. How blessed we are to see how you have taken the negative and made it positive and have climbed out of the dark abyss and into the light.


  13. What I would give to hear you sing and speak at a fireside. Any chance you want to visit Phoenix??? Maybe I will pray you here :)

  14. Love the words... Days of Plenty. Molly, how cute is that miracle sleeping sitting up in the crib?? Adorable!

  15. Peter is just adorable!! Thanks for the lovely update and photos. :)

  16. I soo wish I could've been there too and hear you two in person (although I do hear your voices share with me when I read the blog entrances). Some day I hope thy invent some faster and cheaper way to get around the world! Thanks for being there and being an example for all of us! Lots of hugs and kisses!

  17. Molly, I live in Randolph and looked forward to going and listen to you speak! I have followed your blog for almost 2 years and i love you dearly! Is that weird? I feel like i kind of know you!:) Anyways, i wasn't able to make it and i was bummed the whole day. But i have heard such great comments from everyone around. Your such an inspiration. I have a little boy a couple months younger that peter, he is my first! You sure put into perspective how to love your children every second of every day! I think about you and lucy everytime i get frustrated. I remember when my little one wasn't sleeping through the night and i would lay there and think about how glad i am that he's crying. I know that he's ok! Your spirit is amazing and I just want you to know how much i admire Vic and you!

  18. i love finding them in weird sleeping positions:-)


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