But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?...

Thursday, March 18, 2010
A new post is finally up on A Good Grief. I hope you will pass the site along to anyone you feel may need a little support or insight into grief. I have received a few requests for help with headstones and wish there was a way I could give more to these grieving families. Please donate if you can. Every little bit helps.

And thank you for your participation in my "Weekly Fun Challenges". They are more like "Random Fun Challenges". My very favorite caption of my pregnant handstand was Jackie's,"OK, Does THIS make me look fat?" Classic. Absolutely classic. And so me.

The past few weeks have been rough for me. Pretty darn rough. But I'm turning a corner. And Spring is on its way and Peter's birth is to be celebrated soon--so let's get happy. Shall we?

I have made a "Happy List" to share with you. I made these on my mission with almost every companion in each area I served in (Decatur, IL, Kirksville, MO, Pekin, IL, Effingham, IL, and Champagne/Urbana, IL...just had the itch to share those).


-A good book (Currently reading "The Help" by Karthryn Stockett)
-Lengthy conversations with close friends who help me figure myself out
-Funny voice mails from dramatical friends that make me laugh deep in my gut
-My recent shenanigans playing with the Park City Stake (Women's) basketball team. An absolute hoot! We lost our first game 13 to 51. I couldn't stop laughing. All I wanted was a milkshake from the Dairy Keen..."Home of the Train". I just kept shouting it randomly throughout the game. Those Coalville sisters are tough cookies!
-A good workout
-Yummy, yummy delicious gourmet food
-Singing showtunes at the top of my lungs
-SPRING. Spring. spring!
-Peter's laugh

What makes you happy?

Yesterday, the little Leprechaun and I drove up Cottonwood Canyon to breathe in all the Spring goodness. He got plenty of pinches and kisses. (His mama is part Irish after all).

*Only a few more weeks until my Fun Challenges come to an end and I pick a winner to have dinner and movie night with the Vicmeister and myself. Just sayin'...


  1. Makes Me Happy:
    -these pics of Peter
    -previews of spring in WI-60 degrees!
    -playing at the park w/friends
    -eating cake for breakfast
    -watching my toddler assert his independence
    -hubby coming home from business trip
    -finding out the sex of our next baby (TOMORROW!!!!)

    Glad to hear from you on your blog, hope you feel big hugs from me!

  2. Miss Molly, I don't know you, nor you me. But I know what you share in your blog, which I stumbled upon. I check it frequently. I have had some trying times in my life this past year or so and yet nothing compares to loosing a child and so you see, when I know that you get out of bed each day, I say, well if Molly is up, so am I! This is all a long introduction into what I really want to say. The picture of the baby brushing teeth! CUTE and as I look, not sure if it's Lucy or the P-man! Either way you and Vic make adorable babies! Thanks for inspiring. . . Becca

  3. Oh, me again-What makes me happy:
    -watching my children sleep
    -when my husband walks into a room
    -the beautiful mountains ( I moved here from AZ )
    -Changing my name to MOMMY
    -Baby FEET
    -a workout so hard I have bum sweat (bet ya know what I mean)
    -completing a craft project
    -find new posts on my favorit blogs
    -a great yoga class, where there is lots of sweat and yet complete relaxation

  4. I left a comment on your good grief...I don't know if it worked. Or if it just is different then blogs....I am curious do people just ask you for help with headstones or do people tell you of people that need help!? We are also getting a headstone soon. Just curious.

  5. Hi Molly... Things that make me happy:
    ~all my kids and even their spouses and special someones
    ~my gems... Sarah, Molly and Cayden
    ~my kindle- LOVED The Help! You should read A Reliable Wife.
    ~Friends...every last one of them
    ~working out
    ~music... singing

  6. Cute pictures!
    What makes me happy:
    -The gospel
    -Temples and the promises given in them
    -My Husband
    -My kids
    -Really good food (especially since I'm pregnant)
    -A really good run (at least when I'm not pregnant and am in shape enough that it doesn't feel like torture!)
    -My children's laughter, hugs, and kisses
    -A fun night out with friends (even if it's just my best friend-my hubby)
    -The funny things my kids say

  7. What Makes Me Happy:
    ~Seeing Perry hold, nap, and play with Finn
    ~Eating fresh sickeningly sweet pineapple
    ~Summer time in Arkansas, which means going to the lake or river, lightning bugs, warm rains, sitting on the porch of my parent's house (old plantation/farm house built in 1857 - does it get more Southern than that?), and going to baseball games.
    ~Watching Finn discover new things everyday
    ~Being a mom :)
    ~Spooning with the hubs
    ~Joking with my brothers, sister, and parents and then laughing until we cry
    ~The Pacific Northwest coast or any coast for that matter
    ~Finn's different smiles (so far I've counted 5)
    ~Knowing I have an eternal family

  8. Very cute pictures!
    - I agree that spring makes me happy. 16°C outside and all the snow has finally melted.
    - Music & going to musicals
    - Family & friends
    - Sports
    - Booking flights to the US to see my boyfriend / or him booking flights to Germany

    Have a great weekend!

  9. 10 things that make me so happy:
    Hearing Vic and Molly's son, Peter's machine-gun laugh, a mountain trail run, cuddling in the warm sun on a cozy bed, dancing with my kids in the living room, a soft kiss, being in water...a lake...the ocean...a pool, snow shoeing under a full moon, wrestling on the bed, a hot shower after a long run, and a great big bear hug from my 6'3", 280 lb, 17 year old son I call "bear."

  10. The rainbow.
    Spicy Food.
    Making people happy.
    The Ocean and beach.
    Pink roses and Daisies.
    The promise of eternal life.
    A good musical play.
    Frozen Yogurt.
    and an extra one, Peter jumping with a big smile.

  11. Anything Barry Manilow
    Plastic Flamingos on my front lawn
    Polyester pantsuits
    Blue Light Specials
    A Good Soap
    Stamp Collecting
    Letting my cat lick the dishes clean.

  12. Molly,
    Here goes my first ever comment on your blog, even though I’ve been a devoted reader for a long time.
    It was nice to finally meet you and Peter last week, and bumping into you again today was a nice surprise. I did send you a link to my blog…now we will be on more equal terms I suppose. You will know more about me than you could have ever imagined (or ever wanted to know). Anyway, here is my list for your fun challenge.

    Ten Things That Make Me Happy

    Getting a box of Sees Candy from my husband, just because.
    When the red tulips in my yard appear, once spring is finally here.
    When a package that I ordered online arrives in the mail.
    When my sister, who lives overseas, calls me, or better yet, comes to visit.
    When someone tells me that I’m doing a good job as a mother.
    When Elle gives me a big hug for no reason at all.
    When Paige remembers her manners without me having to remind her.
    When Merritt goes potty in the toilet and not his pants (or on the floor).
    When I feel spiritually fed at church and go home feeling inspired.
    When my kids are healthy.


  13. I'm sorry you have had a rough couple of weeks... Hopefully this happy spring weather will stay and continue lifting your spirit! ---and that baby? too cute for words! He's getting so big!
    Things that make me happy...
    *My baby now says "PUPPY!!!" just like how I wrote it, like its the most exciting thing in the world!
    *for sure the sunshine!
    *a new shirt:) (or maybe 2, or 3 of them)

    p.s. I'm jealous you can do pull ups.

  14. What makes me happy?

    my family.
    sunshine on a cloudy day.
    fresh air.
    dishes all done.
    (that goes for laundry too)
    laughter from children.
    visits with old friends.
    doing things for others.
    and the list could go on.


    ps.thanks for making me think about happy things. life right now is quite tough. my oldest son is trying to see a reason to keep living... after his girl left him. hard times.your blog... inspiration. Thank you!

  15. I linked A Good Grief for Brent King on his Facebook page, he is the father of Chelsea King, a girl in my town who was just raped and murdered.

  16. Oh my gosh, I just came across our happy list from Decatur the other day and it put a huge smile on my face! Thanks for the fun memories. Its hard to believe how long ago that was.

    And it's good to hear you were on your wards basketball team too. I am SOOO not a basketball player, but I played on our team this year too and it was a BLAST!! I am posting pictures and videos of it on my blog this week you will have to check it out. It will help you get happy because I am SOOO not a basketball player. :)

  17. My Happiness Today:
    -PR on a half marathon!
    -My best friend, who also happens to be my husband.
    -My children, their eyelashes, their lips.
    -Working on replacing fear with faith (it actually works sometimes!).
    -Time with my sisters.
    -Knowledge of things beyond this world.
    -Spring showing her beautiful, hopeful face.

  18. I, too, am reading "The Help" and am loving it! We'll have to discuss it when we finish.

  19. Hi Molly,
    Goodness, I have been away from blogging for so long and thought I would just check in with you!

    I cannot get over how much Peter has grown and changed, he is truly adorable. Am just going to sit and catch up with all you have been doing.
    Sending love and hugs, Tabitha x

  20. -Sunshine
    -girl talks
    -the sound of aspen leaves rustling in the wind
    -singing outloud in the car and around the house
    -eating good food
    Thanks Molly! I think Rulan and I will have a singing/dancing party this afternoon after his nap...might as well...my in-laws come home tonight and after that we will need to come have singing/dancing parties at your place :)

  21. molly i love this. sometimes these moments take over and i need to listen to your words. i need to list what makes me happy. i am just wondering- did you go through a period where you felt guilty to feel happy? im there right now. i feel if i admit im happy or ok or anything positive, it means i dont miss my daughter. it means i am moving forward- which terrifys me. im scared she will be hurt if i dont think about her all the time or if i dont cry for her daily. people around dont understand- all they say is, she wants you to be happy. i dont understand that comment for the simple reason that i ask- did you know her? how would you know what she wants? i know im rambling- sorry.
    i hope you are doing well. your peter is just beautiful. i love his green!


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