Monday, February 8, 2010

Some of my readers and friends have expressed frustration at me for not really answering questions. So here I go:

We moved. It's true. We are living in a much smaller condo for a short period of time while we look for a new home to buy. We like it here (did you notice all the wallpaper in the KSL clip?). It's cozy and cute and very easy to maintain. And yes, still in Park City.

My Comcast on Demand "Dollar show" has not been 'released' yet. I am going into the studio on Thursday and will beg the editor, yet again, to release a live link to me so I can share at least one episode with you. You'll be able to watch it on the Youtube once its ready. I'm not sure what's taking so long.

Peter is crawling! And cutting teeth. And he has a bad cough. And I love him.

I sang "How Great Thou Art" at Grandpa Jackson's funeral. It was a neat experience. I miss singing. Muchly.

Is that it? I'm sure I've left some unanswered questions. Let me go ahead and answer them for you:
Yes, Vic has a lot of gas.
Yes, Peter is the cutest baby boy you've ever seen.
Yes, there is a much crazier, annoying, louder, more obnoxious side of me than what you saw on TV.
Yes, the pain and the grief are still overwhelming at times. But I'm learning to live again.
Yes, I have the best readers and friends in the world.
Yes, LunaTalent is still in pre-launch and we are working out all the kinks. Fill out the "Join Luna Talent" form and I will be notified and be able to set up some sort of interview with you.
Yes, we still need more donations for headstones.

No, those weren't your questions?

Ask me anything...

*rather than having a guest book, our guests get their picture taken in front of our favorite wallpaper--in the master bathroom.


  1. I so wish that what you have experienced with Lucy never happened. I just don't think parents should have to bury their kids... it is not natural or normal.

    Today is the funeral of one of the Elders that died to asphyxiation in Romania (he is in our stake) and my heart aches for his parents. Especially when a child is in service to the Lord you tend to believe that 'all is well' and to get the call that it isn't after you place your trust in God... what a hardship.

    My G.ma Heywood had a heart attack while serving in the temple 23 years ago... then I thought how does that happen?

    You and Vic had Molly at church... then the choking????

    I guess the really hard part is... once you have put your faith in the Lord accepting what happens even if you don't understand it all.

    I admire both of you... and I am certain Miss Lucy is never far away.


  2. I have a tough question, but if there's anyone who has the courage to answer this, it's you.

    My lose was no where near your loss of Lucy, but it was still terrifying and has changed me for the better and worse. My little girl almost died from Meningitis when she was 3 weeks old and now has to deal with a brain injury.

    I'm sure I'm still traumatized by the whole experience and went from being a fairly relaxed and laid back person to a bundle of anxiety. I have developed a profound fear of her getting hurt, choking, banging her head, you name it. I now feel like I could lose her to the smallest thing.

    Excuse my rambling writing, I'm just trying to spit out.

    I realized that I felt this way a few weeks ago and thought of you, your strength, what happened to sweet Lucy and how you're able to be such a great mom to Peter. HOW have you been able to relax and enjoy your time with him after what happened to Lucy? Do you worry like I do?

    I hate the idea of depriving my little girl of a mom who can live in the moment instead of being worried about what could happen.

  3. Thats some mighty nice wallpaper! It's making my eyes so happy.

  4. 1. Unquestionable how much Peter looks like his older sister!!

    2. Are you looking to buy or build and in Park City?

    3. Do you know how beautiful you sounded singing How Great Thou Art?? Absolutely angelic. Thank you for sharing your voice with us!

  5. I'm sure that wallpaper provides the perfect... inspiration...



  6. Anything?
    Are your boobs real or fake? They look real, but every now and then they are a little to perky for your two baby history? Do tell.....

  7. Sorry I forgot...one more thing, you sold your house? I loved that thing and you had such a great decor going on.
    Where to?

  8. That is some seriously bad wallpaper!!! I have a question... Did you have your dance party? I did! Thanks Molly

  9. The "guest book photos" are freaking CLASSIC!!!! Love that!

    Oh, and I'm not the only one you don't answer questions to?!

    :) Leslie Clark Hurst

  10. Les,

    Chelsea and I are not having a love affair without you!!! (Is that the question you are speaking of?)

  11. I feel sort of left out...I've admired that wallpaper, and didn't get my picture in front of it! Okay, I can't really blame you...I'm sure it would have been too difficult to decide which post to put it in - ugly pictures, or guests! xoxoxo TALK SOON!!!

    P.S. I loved you on KSL - and was a BLUBBERING fool afterward. And I had to work - by the time I got there, I'd cried off all my makeup. I was so bummed I missed your call - I was at work, being a boob.

  12. Okay, a couple more things...I LOVE the boob question (even though I know the answer)!! Way to ask the juicy questions, Becca! Awesome. And really, could Peter be ANY cuter??? I don't think so. He is EDIBLE.

    I also liked Kristine's question...you don't seem extra panicky about something happening to Peter, but are you?

  13. As we speak, Peter is in his crib hooked up to an oxygen tank. He has RSV and we had to go to the doc and the ER today. I have been surprisingly calm (some of the time). I do get panicky. Especially when he is eating. I'll talk about this a little more in my next post. It's been a crazy day.

    And I can't wait to reveal the boobs...I mean...the answer to the boob question.

  14. Weird question - but I think of you whenever I get out an apple to cut. I hope this isn't offensive. Does it scare you to let Peter cut apples? I would be lying if I said I haven't laid off giving them to my baby because of your story. I just wondered if my worry was warranted, or if you think it was going to happen no matter what, whether it was an apple or something else. I'm typically not a worrier, but for some reason I always hesitate when passing out the apples.

    I sound like an idiot but I don't know how to phrase that better.

  15. I just read your last comment... RSV really??? Wow! My last baby boy had lots of breathing issues. Asthma, breathing treatments, croup and so many nights without sleep. I am sure it has already been done by someone... but when I go to the temple this week. You all are on my list for the prayer roll. My prayers will be sent heavenward for you too.

    I look forward to the boob answer. It is fun to see that you are willing to tell a story.


  16. Miss Molly,
    No question, just a comment...

    you continue to be an inspiration to me. i love you...can you love someone you have never met? you betcha!

  17. Is your Lucy's bench in the Salt Lake Cemetery? It looks like it. Beautiful -- I grew up not far from there.

    I would be interested to hear about your added fears and anxieties -- if there are any. I find myself quite a bundle of anxiety since our daughter passed away 5 1/2 years ago, and especially having to do with our two boys. Aside from the waves of grief, it has been one of the hardest things to endure. I'm sorry to read your boy has been sick.

  18. I'm sure Katie meant "does it scare you to let Peter EAT apples?" because I think the fact that it would be terrifying (not to mention negligent on your part) to let Peter CUT apples goes without saying! haha. Is it weird that I have never met you and I too want to know the answer to the boob question???

  19. I sang that song at my Gramps funeral too...well i was proxy anyway. I wish I could take credit for that performance...

  20. i love this. i'm laughing out loud. it's left me wanting to go back through molly's blog looking at pictures of her and deciding for myself... real or fake?...


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