Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I only had one participant for the Valentine Food Love Poem Challenge. If you haven't heard about my theme for 2010 and the subsequent Fun's high time you hop on board the fun train. Drum roll please....

Ode to Meatloaf: A Haiku

Once squishy pink stuff,
Now a hot brick of matter.
Pass the ketchup.

by Rochelle Flores

Is that not fantastic? Rochelle is one of the funniest people I know...with one of the most amazing voices. She sang at Lucy's funeral and she can make you laugh, she can make you cry, she's even better than Cats.

Here's my attempt:

I love frozen yogurt
I'm not talking gogurt
I'm talking the yummy, the healthy, the "won't hurt"

So smooth and so creamy
Exquisitely dreamy
Not one to be found in Park City I screamy!

Red Mango delights me
And Spoon Me's the best see
You bring it right now and forever we'll friends be

And if you can handle it, I'm going to show you our dance party. I am shamelessly sharing my baby fat tummy, (fat from Peter not from a new baby on the way--no rumors please) house slippers, glasses, and maybe a little cleavage. Sunday night Vic and I were entranced in Baby Einstein--seriously--we have no T.V. right now and this was a sad sight to see. I couldn't handle it anymore and got up and started dancing robot crazy weird normal with Peter and Vic pulled out the camera to record the spontenaity. This is serious dance party business folks.

I have a great video of Peter and Vic dancing to George Michael (my absolute favorite--don't make fun. I am in madly in love with his music). But Vic said, "I don't know if I want that much stupidity out there for the world to see." I think he was saying in addition to mine. He also told me my little dance party clip was too long. can't win 'em all.

This week's fun challenge:

Write a caption for the photo below-

Coming soon:

Photos galore--skiing at Deer Valley, Valentine Parties, Peter being a pooper, and what not.

P.S. Head over to A Good Grief for a great giveaway.


  1. 1. You're beautiful--what baby pudge are you talking about!?!?

    2. The dance party was rockin'!

    3. Caption ideas: "Stay in there, you!", "Balance With a Belly", "Don't Try This At Home"

  2. Caption Idea: let's not forget who's in control here!

  3. So fun! Looks like you were having a gol contest (do you remember that word?).
    So fun to see Peter. He and Felix are in the same stage it seems. Your "no, no, no" sounded all too familiar :)

  4. These are our caption entries. Stephen's a pro at this kind-of thing:

    "See, baby, THIS is what the horizon really looks like; the sky is UP and the ocean is DOWN."

    "Are you SURE this Yoga stuff will help with labor?!?"

  5. Looked like Peter enjoyed the dance:)

    Caption: "I've still got it!"

  6. I sent you an email with a caption, but I'm not sure you got it. I will repeat it here, but since you don't know me I have to clarify. This caption more describes how I feel when I'm pregnant and what I would say if I was as agile as you.

    "Beached whale does a victory dance."

    It makes me laugh really. Such a great photo.

  7. girls gone wild-- the spring break edition!

  8. Caption "Two can play at this game of rolly-polly!"

  9. All I saw were the buff legs and sweet moves.

  10. HA HA HA! That is the funniest thing I've ever seen! You've got some seriously swank dance moves! I'm crying. I do think that even though my haiku was the only entrance that it would have won anyways. It's just so moving! My favorite caption so far is Sue Spark's, "Still Got It." So great! And so true!

  11. p.s. I have never been to Spoon Me! How wrong is that??

  12. You have got some great "Baby Einstein" moves! Loved it! I am with Shara- what baby pudge???

    Caption: "Nope, not here either"

    "I have never seen a sunset quite like this"!

  13. Loved your dance party. You were rocking! Peter is too cute!
    I have to say- you look amazing doing a handstand when you are pregnant! I wish I could do one that well- not pregnant. :) You look very graceful so I thought your caption should read:

    Courage is grace under pressure.
    (Ernest Hemingway)

  14. Oh, that video was so much fun! I'm glad you shared it! You're gooood! :) I wish I could dance right now, too!

  15. Caption: "It is a common misconception that Atlas, often depicted bent, and hunched over as he carries the earth through the void, is a man. We see here in this rare photograph that Atlas is actually a woman [and a mother to be precise] who carries the world triumphantly, in maternal majesty to its ultimate destination."

  16. confession: I watched your baby einstein video not just once but two times because my little fella (18 month old Joe) clapped and giggled nonstop. Good times had by all.

    caption: Some women have been known to go to extreme lengths to avoid sand in their nether-regions. Today Molly Jackson takes it to a new level.

  17. The first caption that came to mind when i saw that picture was "Hands on the ground, hands on the ground, Lookin like a fool with my hands on the ground." I hope this is not offensive, because that is definitely not my intention. If you've heard "Pants on the Ground", first heard on American Idol, you'll get it.
    You look beautiful!

  18. Ahh that spells relief to my poor bladder... uh-oh here comes a wave!

  19. You are too dang cute! I can't stand it. I'll think of a caption when I stop being amazed of your awesomeness.

  20. Great dancing!!! My little gems love the Classical Baby Dance dvd and Music dvd. We could dance all day to those great hits... especially when we are dancing "CHEEK TO CHEEK"!

  21. "You can turn me upside down, but you can't knock me down"

    I love that photo - it makes me want to sing "he's got the whole world in his hands..

    Great video - I had a Devo flashback there for a moment!

  22. Caption: I can't believe I went into labor on vacation, but your are staying in there until it's over. I don't care if I have to walk on my hands all the way back to Utah.

  23. See baby this is what looks like to be in the heads down position.

  24. yes, I am a mother as well, but not quite like you! You are so full of life and energy, and I'm sure so much of that is still coming back!
    Cute video! Darling little Peter!

    The Photo, "Ok, does THIS make me look fat?"

  25. Caption Attempt:

    I am determined that this pregnancy... GRAVITY... will not get the best of me!

    Anyone can rock dance moves... just try and finish the dance holding the attention of your baby.


  26. How about

    "My world upside down, inside myself"

    You dance video was great! Thanks for the laughs and the insight!

  27. That's how I tan my legs in Cancun

  28. I'm really glad we've evolved, because this hand walkin' could get tough!

    You're so cute!!!

  29. I thought of another one....

    "Sunny Side Up!!!"

  30. Scientific study concludes beached whale was trying to go 'hands first' instead of feet first as genetically taught!

  31. Nothing to hide from the tide.

  32. i'm no fan of the tart at red mango, but i ate FAR TOO MUCH of the red velvet at yogurt stop last night. i woke up with a sugar hangover:-(

    caption: handstands over excitement

    ok, it sounds lame when write it, but it sounded really cool in my head. oh well.


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