Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Heart Full of Love

We decided to send Valentine's Cards this year instead of Christmas Cards. I thought they turned out darling and a new tradition has been born. Who doesn't want a Valentine?

To all of you reading--we love you.
We offer our love to you today, and thank you, in return, for your love for us.

To our sweet Lucy girl--we miss you. We ache for you with our entire beings. We love you. Daddy misses you especially today; his sweet little valentine. I will try to ease his pain and cheer his spirits.

To my little Pooper Bear--I'm so glad you are feeling better. Having your smile and your laugh back have brightened my spirits. You look so much like your sister and are a reminder of her life and her spirit. You are God's sweetest gift to me. I adore you.

To my sexy Matt Damon of a husband--Grrrrrr.....Very yummy.

To my Daddy whose birthday is today--I'm glad Grandma Agnes decided not to go with Valentino. Russell, Rusty, Dusty Bottoms, Russell the Love Muscle, RB, Russ--much more suiting. Thank you for being a wonderful, wonderful father who shares his emotions and always lets me know how much I am loved.

Much Love,
The Jackson Family

*photos by Justin Hackworth


  1. A fun tradition indeed!! :) Love the photo shoot results--you 3 are so photogenic! Happy Valentines...xoxo!

  2. The card is just wonderful. What a great idea!! You all look beautiful :)

  3. What a cute idea to do Valentine cards instead of Christmas cards. They turned out so cute. Your little boy is so stinkin cute!

  4. Beautiful Idea!! Happy Valentine's Day to you as well!

  5. Happy Love Day Molly! I am glad that Peter is doing better. I missed seeing you today. I hope you and your family have a wonderful peaceful day. Isn't this a blessing of a holiday?

  6. Is it possible to love someone you don't even know? because I just love your little family.

  7. Your family is darling, and a courageous example of strength and everything enviable!!!
    You appear to be doing a fantastic job at searching for the good in all the bad, and we send our support and love!!!

  8. Happy Valentines Day to you all too.


  9. Happy Valentine's Day to you! I'm glad your little guy is feeling better; respiratory issues still bother me greatly with my kids, so I hope you had lots of support and comfort while he was so sick!!
    Caydin's mom

  10. Thank you for calling your son "Popper Bear". That makes my whole day.

  11. Gorgeous photos, love the one of your two guys together especially.

  12. We've been sending Valentines cards for a while, or Easter, or St. Patty's...whichever holiday we can get them out by, but for sure we always seem to miss's too busy.

    Also, ahhhh, is that trick photography or is Peter almost as big as you in the picture of you holding him? WowZa!

  13. So sweet. Love the photos. My friend has been sending out a Valentine's letter for years now and I love it. I'm glad you keep on your blog because it makes me think of your great sister Amy, whom I know and love. And I know how much she loves you. Now get her back to blogging!

  14. Love you too, although we don't know you in person! It's always strengthening to read of how you master life every day and I cry with you still every time I read another entry. I admire you soo much and share your story whenever it fits. If not before we'll defionitely look for you in the millenium!!

  15. I love the card. It was good for me to see it even without a picture of Lucy. I was okay just seeing her name. In some ways seeing her name without her picture made me think about her even more. I don't know. Thanks for helping me see maybe I will actually be able to send Christmas cards again. You guys look fantastic by the way.


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