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Friday, January 22, 2010
If you'll notice, on my left side bar I have added a new section entitled, "Weekly Fun Challenge". This way, you can report back to me at the end of each week letting me know if you've completed the challenge and we can better participate together. I'm particularly excited for this week's challenge and I SO HOPE you will be emailing me your ugly faces. Though, I have a feeling mine tops all. Bring it on! And yes, I will post some of them to share. We'll get some great laughs and more importantly, not take ourselves too seriously. You know you want to.

My very first ugly face. Not too bad. I've definitely improved over the years.

Maybe not the best example, but something to get you started. I'm saving the big guns for next week's reveal. Email me by Wednesday, January 27th

P.S. I went for an early morning swim this week and had a great time, (something I consider fun), did a beautiful 4 mile winter run out in "the country" with a dear friend and had great conversation--(horses, spectacular views of the ski resorts and mountains, crisp air, sunshine...it was heavenly), had a wrestling/tickle match with Vic on the floor, and sang at the top of my lungs to "The Circle of Life" (Mo Tab recording with Jenny Frogley) about 5 times in a row. I also read about 12 of Rob's blog entries out loud to Vic before bed the other night and had a laugh attack. I'm on a roll folks.


  1. You make me wish I was a runner... but I need better knees for that.

    I do enjoy my time outdoors hiking... I almost need better knees for that one too.

    Hmmmm. Ugly faces, huh? Lets see what I can photograph.


  2. Oh my gosh, THANKS for the link to Robierto's blog! HILARIOUS!!! I was having a BAD day, but his blog helped make it better:)

  3. love swimming. go once a week. wish i could go more. miss running, might be awhile before i'm back in that saddle again. best pictures are ones with character.

  4. Molly - so what tri's are you doing this year? Hey- come do the Echo w/ me in July - PLEASE?
    I will certainly try to keep up with your "fun-ness" this year, though it will be hard. Since I got married, slowly, the fun of life seems to allude me most of the time, so it's a good reminder.
    Also - Thanks for the link to Rob's blog. Holy cow. What a great laugh!

  5. Molly, I am dying! thank you for introducing me to Rob's blog. Oh my goodness....just added that one to my favorites. Glad to see you are doing well! You make me want to start running...tomorrow.

  6. So...let's pretend that there's a girl that plans on participating in EVERY fun challenge (unless there's running involved because she's pretty sure that she will pop a lung and that would be messy) and will win the date with Molly and Vic because she's just that awesome or at least she will be when she promises to stop referring to herself in the 3rd person. The point is she's single. By single I mean she's missing the peanut butter to go with her jelly, the other Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, her yin to her yang, her lobster. So she was wondering if there might be the possibilty of maybe a set up with the HILARIOUS Robierto in a non-awkward, make you want to be a nun or look forward to becoming the crazy cat lady kind of way. Since this entire comment has made me feel like a mall-banged, alternating sock wearing, pegged pant, bedazzled 7th grader, I will end it like this...Check one of the following: Yes_____, No_____, Maybe_____, No way in *&^%_____, or Perhaps after satisfactory completion of a psych eval______. Yeah. This wasn't awkward at all.

  7. Angela,

    Are you kidding??? That would be the ultimate fun! I've been in contact with the robster (could be your lobster). We'll see if he's game. Loved your comment! Wish I could link to you somewhere or find out who you are. Do I know you?

    Oh...this is fun.

  8. I just found your blog about 5 minutes ago and A GOOD GRIEF. Amazing.
    Thank you for providing resources and words for those of us that have lost.

    My love,


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