2010--Let the Fun Begin!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Do you remember last year's resolution? While "2009 is Gonna Be Fine" was a very appropriate theme, which, consequently (and on purpose) I didn't have to do much to live up to, I'm aiming for a loftier and more laugh-filled theme this year. 2009 WAS fine. And if I'm being honest, it was more than fine. I made it through my first full year without Lucy, I gave birth to the most insanely adorable and angelic little healer of a boy I could have ever hoped for, and blessings beyond blessings poured into our lives. See what happens when you keep your expectations to a low yet healthy level?

Well this year I'm bringing in a whole new flavor. My appetite for running, swimming, hiking, biking, weight-lifting is at an all time high and its the juiciest, yummiest satisfaction that doesn't come in a bottle. It's fun, people. FUN. F-U-N. I can't get enough of it. So why stop there? In keeping with my New Year's Resolution to simply


I've decided to issue a challenge. A challenge to myself, yes, but of course I am inviting all of you to participate. The challenge is this: I want to hear about the small and simple things you are doing to have more fun each day--to enjoy life. I'm going to throw out a few ideas of my own and report back to you each week letting you know how my fun meter is progressing. It's sure to be off the charts by year end. No? So here's the kicker, you have until April 8th (Peter's first birthday--can you even believe??) to complete (and enjoy!) the following Fun-o-thon challenges. The participant reporting back to me with the most "fun" will receive a date night out with Vic and me--complementary dinner and movie. If the winner lives out of state, you will receive a restaurant gift card for a date night out. Sound fun????? Can you handle the fun????!!

Rules: Complete any and all of the following fun challenges AS WELL as adding to the list on your own. Blog about, keep track of, journal about, whatev--so that you can leave a detailed comment in April letting me know all the fun you've had.

-Have upbeat music playing when your hubby gets home from work and have a mini dance party
-Do nothing but play with your child(ren) for 45 minutes straight (no phone calls, no computer, no distractions)
-Buy yourself something new (don't go overboard here peeps)
-Leave a love note for your spouse hidden in their purse or bag
-Have a dinner party with friends and tell your favorite jokes
-Go on a walk or run with headphones and dance in the street to the music (Chris Brown's "Forever" happens to be my fav) don't worry a lick about what others think
-Have a tickle fest with your spouse and kids
-Have a wrestling match with your spouse or friends
-Sing opera in the shower
-Go Bowling
-Plan a Girls Night Out
-Learn a new skill (sewing, singing, piano)
-Create something (piece of artwork, craft project, etc.)
-Make cookies for a neighbor you've been wanting to get to know
-Read a book while taking a bubble bath with candles
-Participate in an activity you've always wanted to try (snow shoeing, cross country skiing, surfing, etc.)
-Go on a date with your spouse or partner
-Plan a vacation or outing to look forward to
-Dance. Just dance.
-Make a MonkeyMail for a friend
-Watch THIS video and
-read THIS blog
-and this one too

Always good for a laugh!

Is this too much? Will everyone forget by April? Should I issue weekly challenges? OH dear...what's a gal to do? I need some fun guidance. Just go have some fun damn it and then tell me about it in April!

Can you even believe him? SCRUMPTIOUS bundles of FUN.


  1. Hi Molly~ I read your blog from time to time. I think you are an amazing woman. I love your new years resolution. I'm going to try to take your challenge to have more fun. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing all that you do. You truly do inspire others.

  2. Here's one for you... participate in a Ragnar Relay. That's what I'm doing for fun this year. 12 girls, 2 days and lots of running. What could be more fun!

  3. That little Peter Man is so charming and cute! Check him out. I would be smiling every time I looked his way... what a doll.

    I am so glad you are starting a FUN FEST and inviting us all to join in.

    We have been doing more fun things... we have found happiness in hiking (until last weeks injury) but my new hiking boots came today so hopefully I am all better soon.

    I am definitely going to share with you my outcomes. Thanks for the challenge.


  4. Wow, that little dude has some hair on him!

    Love your idea of having more fun this year, and I am going to take the challenge...


  5. Fun ~ Fun! Great challenges! They will keep one young at heart for sure! Peter is adorable with his hair combed back! He does look like a chunky bundle of fun!

  6. Love the Peter pics, & your new years of fun plans! Awesome ideas--this is going to be an amazing YEAR!!!

  7. i love your ideas....especially the one how you said to play with the kids with no interruption! :)

  8. I am so down with this...you don't even realize! And I'm going to aim to win this date night with all my might. Can't wait to hear about all your freaking fun making!

  9. I would love to try this, sounds fun. I know I won't be able to do everyone of them, but I will challenge myself to do as many as I can. Since my children are grown, we may have to compromise, shopping and lunch dates with them....that would count wouldn't it! And my hubby will think I have lost it when I grab him to dance when he comes in from work, but we will see what happens! Your friend in East Texas, Pam. Oh and yes, Peter is a little jewel!

  10. Yes, he is an insanely beautiful little boy. I'm glad that you have him, and that you still have Lucy in your heart and soul. God Bless all of you!!!

  11. Molls, You should join in on "Classy Tuesday's" with me. Basically all you do is be extra classy on Tuesdays. Wear pearls, an/or red lipstick, wear high heels and a skirt, drink out of champagne glasses with your pinky up in the air, etc. Its so fun!

  12. Molly,
    I have never met you, but our mutual friend, Janique Bradley gave me your blog addresses. I worked with janique in Provo last year until I moved to Logan and gave birth to our little girl Avalee Grace. She passed away less than two weeks ago from undetermined causes (but we all know what that means--God just needed her home, and that was that.) I have enjoyed looking through your blog, though it does bring tears to my eyes. Everyday I miss that little sweetheart. And my home feels empty without her. As I write this, I am crying, but I am always amazed at the peace I feel, even amid the sadness. Thank you for sharing this with people like me. It is a very special thing to be a mommy, and I will never take that for granted again. Please feel free to visit my blog, where i go to heal, at www.the-stew-crew.blogspot.com. Thanks again,

    Jessee Ure Stewart

  13. Molly-you'll have to click on my link to find my blog. I told my readers to look at your blog because you are so inspiring to me. Thanks for the challenge! I'm so excited!

  14. Thanks for the blog traffic :)
    I even updated for the occasion...
    That Peter- I could eat up those little cheeks! But I won't cause that's creepy...
    Love ya

  15. Yeah for having fun! I danced in the living room to the radio music with my two little boys yesterday. We also wrestled and had a tickle fest! It was so fun to hear their little giggles!

  16. i love how much he looks like you:-)

  17. Molly, I am stealing Peter for a photoshoot when I get back to Park City...are you kidding me?? He is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen!! Also, check the link to the girl's blog above me (natalie), I gave her your blogs the other day...I don't know her, she is a fellow photog, but she just lost her baby boy. Maybe she has contacted you already, butI thought you might be able to offer your support knowing what she is going through. Don't post this comment publicly, just wanted you to know. you can also email me at khatcher@gc-pacific.com if you want...we are in Hawaii for a while.

  18. Hahaha- I read the bolded part first and I thought, "yeah, I can have more fun! That will be my goal, too! I'll do it with her!" Then I read the paragraph above it and it made me laugh. This year is the first year that I can't run, swim, hike, bike, OR weigh-lift! :) Well, I couldn't run last year (2008 I mean) anyway, but still.... :) I am learning there are other ways to have fun! I got the use of my fingers back this week and I am gonna to play card games like it's 1999! And sing! I'll definitely let you know how it goes. I had to say that "out loud" or I wouldn't have done it....
    And MAN that Peter is cute.

  19. ahahahahahaha that day was so fun! Dad was having so much fun trying to peters hairs like his! I was crackin up when he brought him out! He brings so much joy to our lives. Its good my dad.

  20. oh my goodness, he is getting so big!! What a cutie! How fun Molly!

    I miss you! Hope you are doing well! Sounds like you have a handful of fun projects, good job friend!

    Have a great day!!

  21. I'm totally adopting your New Year's Res too! I had a bit of a rocky last year and need to take a new approach and you of course, always inspire me! Thanks! Looking forward to the weekly challenges...


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