Friday, December 4, 2009

Besides being the perfect word to describe my stomach, PUJ is a fantastic company that chose me to be a product tester. I recently received their amazing PUJ TUB in the mail and put it to the test right away.

Although Peter is above the recommended age for PUJ TUB usage, (0-6 mo.) I gave it a whirl anyhow. I will soon be marching across the street to try it out on two-month-old baby Stella. I'll let you know how that goes very soon. Peter still had a blast and I have to say that the tub was a hit with mom. So easy! So convenient, so light, so durable. I think the best part is the back-saving. It's easier now that Peter is older, but I remember how hard on my back it was to try and bathe a newborn in the tub. This thing is genius.
Check out the Puj Tub for yourself at the new web site exclusively for baby bath tubs!

Now, if only I could convince them that I NEED to try their amazing leather shoes.
Also, being as cute at the owner of PUJ, Katie Richardson, isn't too much to ask either, is it?

Also, please check out and bid on auction items over at A Daily Scoop (my friend Stephanie who lost a daughter the same summer as Lucy). She's raising money for the Emily Jones Memorial Fund. Emily's husband, John, recently passed away in a bizarre circumstance in the Nutty Putty caves here in Utah. My heart breaks for their family and the young widow with a 14 month old daughter AND a baby on the way. So much sorrow in this world. So much.


  1. Yes, Molly, so true, so much sorrow, but then I look at the picture above your last paragraph, and those beautiful happy eyes of your beautiful boy remind me that luckily there is also so much joy. Why is it, though, that the joy cannot over shadow the sorrow. Why, even though we know we have joy in our life is the pain always a burden so heavy we can't set it aside despite the joy we recognize in our life? Why must sorrow linger so long?

  2. David just told me about the Nutty Putty cave thing last night. Oh my goodness, what a tragic and SAD story! David has gone through the caves before and I was so nervous when he did it. That's awesome that your friend Stephanie is raising money.

  3. How fun, we are good friends with Katie's brother and wife, the Craig's. Their products are super cute!


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