Thursday, December 10, 2009

Giveaway Update

Is my Good Grief website difficult to navigate? Do you have a hard time finding new blog posts? I think my giveaway post was a bit confusing as far as when I was announcing a winner. It was posted Wednesday morning. I still haven't heard from the winner, Shea. I will pick a new winner if I don't hear from her by Monday. To enter the other giveaways, you must go to those specific blogs/websites.

As for the grand giveaway giveaway finale tomorrow....



A little something from Miss Miggy herself.

Check back to see what all the fuss is about.
And please note that I will actually be hosting Justin's giveaway for him over on A Good Grief.

In the meantime, enjoy this Christmas angel:


  1. My goodness Molly... Peter looks so grown up in this photo!! He is just precious! Love his little socks!

  2. I don't think it's tough to navigate, I think it's great. Good for you for thinking about someone else's needs this time of year! You are awesome!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! He does look so grown precious he is!Thank you for sharing! Your friend in East Texas, Pam.

  4. Love this picture of Peter, He looks like the happiest baby! I don't think agoodgrief is hard at all to navigate. Happy Holidays!

  5. Wow. He's growing up fast!! And what a cutie.

    Merry Christmas!


  6. Can't believe how big he is getting...and cuter every day! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. He does look like a little angel, and so cute and cozy! :)

  8. Molly, I love this Christmas giveaway idea - that you have to speak for someone in need. You are truly remarkable as always... I will have to do some thinking and come up with people to enter.

  9. I can't believe how grown up Petter looks there. What a handsome little guy. No, we have not gotten a marker for Wyatt's grave. Someday...maybe.

  10. Hmmm. I keep checking back for the winner and couldn't find a post about it. ....So I don't know! The last post I see is the one where you say that you'll post the winner on Wednesday.
    I love the website and I love that it's so uplifting while talking about grief. All the comments people wrote when entering for the Target GC made me cry. I'm proud of you for making something so beautiful out of such a terrible event. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and that Lucy will be with you in spirit. Love,

  11. He is so big!! That little Peter is a complete doll. Love that blonde hair. I haven't looked at your website but I'm checking it out now... Merry Christmas you guys. Hope you are feeling Heavenly Father's love for you this time of year.

  12. What a beautiful site Molly. You are such a giver. You have given so much to so many even during the times when you have felt you had absolutely nothing to give. Thank you for your heart.

  13. He is ADORABLE!!!! He's so grown-up.

  14. Molly... I am missing hearing from you. I hope you are doing ok. I am thinking of you.


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