30 Days of Thanks #28

Monday, November 30, 2009

The modern day jogger stroller.


We woke up early Thanksgiving morning and ran the Park City Turkey Trot (5k) to raise food for the Christian Center in PC. It was absolutely beautiful. I want to make this a Thanksgiving tradition.

It was so peaceful. How could I not be grateful when I live in such a beautiful place? (Ok, so I was grumpy and depressed almost the entire weekend. But during the run I was at peace with my soul. You should have seen me when our hot water didn't get super hot for my post-run shower. I kept having to remind myself it was THANKSGIVING--get over it. )

When anyone asked how I did on the run I told them I was pretty sure I got first place for the postpartum/depressed/bereaved mother category. Pretty sure.

What would I do without my jogger?

Thank you, Brasilia!

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