30 Days of Thanks #26

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm thankful for the sunlight that spills itself across my bed on sunny days. I might not be able to nap in it, but I try to let go of the thoughts that haunt me and allow it to warm my soul.


  1. Great photo, Molly. Did you take it yourself?

    (Yet another talent of yours??)


  2. Your constant vigilance is exhausting, and hope the sunshine does give you one moment of respite.

  3. Just posted this on Jenny's blog--but I am going to repeat myself...the sun is amazing. Even on a 29 degree day, if the sun is out, we can enjoy some time outside!! :)

  4. Sue,

    No. I didn't take that photo. I wish. We desperately need a new camera. Just found it on trusty old google. Its beautiful, isn't it?


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