30 Days of Thanks #25

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm thankful to know that we all will die, eventually.

Lucy's death was not an anomaly.

The time will come for each of us.

I'd like that time to come for me much sooner than later most of the time.

I'm lucky to have her waiting for me.

How much longer to do I have to wait?


  1. That is the only comforting thing about death I can ever think of= we aren't alone in it. Everything passes.

    Love Maggie

  2. Molly, I checked out your grief website. It is great; I was so touched by the stories that are already there.

    Eldon Kartchner's wife died this morning. I don't know if you heard. I just wanted to let you know. I am sure you and Vic could be a great support to him right now.

    Looks like you are doing well, and for that I am so thankful.

  3. No rush,Mol. Time stands still when you want it to hurry up. We can't get too hung up on things we can't control. But, right now there is so much you can control. Time is short. It's passing us by.

  4. Never thought I would be grateful for that same thing. Strange how our perspectives can change so quickly. It's been so wonderful reading all the things you are grateful for. I'm grateful for you and all you have done for me. I don't think you even know the things you have taught me during this journey of grief. Thank you!

  5. Mmm, it will be nice to have no pain. I was thinking about that just today. My body is falling apart. :)


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