30 Days of Thanks #21

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sometimes I laugh so hard ("laugh attack") that I start to cry. Or pee my pants. Or make hideously ugly faces. My sister and I are notorious for our sudden outbursts that seem to have no end (and no reason for beginning). My friend Emily and I are also known for unending laugh fits. We once stayed up for HOURS at a host family's place (touring with Young Ambassadors) laughing in bed together. We could NOT. STOP. The best part was that the family's teenage daughter was sharing the room with us. I truly think she thought we were drunk or completely deranged.

This last weekend Vic and I experienced a laugh fest over the phone. The story goes like this: It was discovered that not only had Vic read the Twilight books, but so had his friend Brad Hale. (Now every time Doctor Hale's name gets googled people will find out he read the Twilight books :) And though Susan (Brad's wife) and I find them equally painful and cheesy as our husbands, we dragged them to the premiere of Twilight. It was pretty painful. (Sorry to any Twilight fans out there. It does have its place. I couldn't put down the first book). But by the fourth book--stick a needle in my eye.

Then Vic had a birthday. What did Brad get him? The Special Edition extended 2 disc Twilight set! Oooooohhhh. Yessssss. And then strange little Twilight paraphernalia kept showing up around our house. A magnet puzzle (The Lamb and the Lion! Edward and Bella...Forbidden Love), a poster, Brad even flashed the special New Moon People issue at us in the middle of Sacrament meeting.

A promise was then made. We were told if we dressed up as vampires, they would treat us to dinner at Ruth's Chris, Stein Erickson, or any place of our choosing. Tell me if you've ever seen me turn down free food.

It was so on.

But they didn't realize what we had up our little vampire sleeves. We took all the crap they had given us and doused their room in all things New Moon. After making it through the film (I'm sorry, but I could not stop myself from loud commentary throughout. Is this over yet? Are you kidding? Oh...stop!), they came home to this:

And when we answered our phone at 11:30 p.m. all we heard was laughter. And then we laughed at them laughing. And they laughed at us laughing at them. And we laughed some more about some of the genius phrases from the book that we hung on their wall. GLOWER. BLOODLUST. HAIRY VS. SMOOTH. EDWARD IS A GOD. BELLA IS A SWAN.

I'm so thankful for laughter. Can't get enough of it.

Can you guess who we are?

Al and Ed out on a brother/sister date.

The whole gang.



P.S. Great new post on A Good Grief.


  1. You forgot to add that when we have our laugh attacks there is usually no sound, just violent shaking and open mouths--and eventually tears. I LOVE the pictures. It looks like a blast. You have such great friends and you are a great friend yourself.

  2. I, too, seem to be one of the few that is NOT a Twilight fan(even wrote a blog about it way back when). I could BARELY finish the FIRST book! But anyway, you sound like you have such a good time with such great friends. My friends and I used to have "laugh attacks," but it has been a long time....unfortunately.

  3. Your vampire attire is great and red eyes too, PERFECT!!!

  4. I too am thankful for laughter...one the last memories I have with my sister is just such a moment. We were at our book club and we got so tickled we laughed until we cried all the while everyone is looking around and wondering what is sooo funny. We couldn't even tell them we were laughing so hard and anyway it wouldn't have been funny to them :) I sure have enjoyed your 30 days of Thanks and I love "A Good Grief"

  5. I couldn't agree more... first book~ok. I didn't get as far as you Molly. Half way thru the second I was saying stick a needle in MY eye. Really geared for 13 year old!! Glad you got some good laughs out of it!!

  6. You have reminded me to laugh, at least a little if not a lot, everyday.

  7. You look great as Edward and Alice. Laughter is the best. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Not that I am competitive or jealous (although one could argue I am both), but I think we can top this laughing fit when we recreate the dance add-on game that WILL take place at the Mann/Bice reunion. I'm just sayin...

  9. this has to be one of my top 5 favorite posts of yours Molly! I LOVE your vampire alternative-selves and all the funny stories!

  10. That is hilarious! I don't get the whole Twilight craze either. I could hardly stand the books, and kept hoping they'd get better....I'm glad you're taking time to laugh and enjoy yourself. What a fun time with good friends.

  11. Thanks for letting us join you. We had a great time. It's interesting that you look so much paler in the photos than you did in real life. I think you did a better job with your makeup than the makeup artists did with the actors in the film.


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