30 Days of Thanks #19

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ah, sweet liberty of life at last I've found thee!

We closed on our condo today!



The stars aligned for us when we bought our condo at a fantastic price. Now, 5 years later, the heavens smiled upon us again as we found a great buyer, got a good price, and did away with the middle man. (The perks of being married to an attorney). I won't go into much detail here of the incredible burden this will be lifting from us. But let me give you a few words--
Law School.

Be gone from my life forever!

Sure, Vic deciding to go to Pepperdine and live in Malibu--surf, spend a semester of law school in London, and drive around his cute little C-J 5 that he wooed me in, was a grand idea. And we had loads of fun. (I met him AFTER he finished law school so I missed out on a lot). But if I would have had my wedded clutches on him back then...we may have done thing$ differently. But as it is (and it is what it is), we GRATEFULLY and humbly thank the heavens above for this recent and most wonderful blessing.



  1. Congratulations you guys!!! Hooray! I laugh Molly as you make Vic sound like some big time reckless spender. True... Pepperdine is NOT cheap, but the decision to go was not without a lot of prayer. And of course you guys found each there too. We are happy for you sale!

  2. OH, TOTALLY. I'm glad he did what he did and it all worked out the way it was supposed to. And no, he's actually not a big time spender at all. (except in grocery stores and Costco).

  3. YAAY! That is exciting for you guys! :) Can I say I'm loving reading all your blessings, and it might just be making me think about what I am thankful for too! p.s. doesn't everyone spend WAAAY too much at Costco? ha ha

  4. (Sing with me)

    To dream.....the impossible dream....

    Do I dare to dream that law school loans will someday be paid off. I fear it is my unreachable star.

  5. I dream of the day when we will be free from student loans...We're not even done with school...hahaha!

    Congrats...and by the way...I LOVE YOU!

  6. That's such good news, Molly! What will you do now? Will you rent in PC? Hey I'm coming there in Jan-around the 7th. We should get together again; I'd love to see you.

  7. Yay for you two! Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations! that's so great, what a relief... I can only imagine. My name is Jenna and i've commented before... But i've been a ms molly follower for some time now. We are just getting our selves into the whole law school loan ordeal- ugh. We are actually applying to pepperdine and would love any words of wisdom.. If you feel so inclined. :) many thanks.

  9. Wow- What a blessing! Congrats on closing on your condo. We've been there with 2 payments before- and that is NEVER fun!


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