30 Days of Thanks #10

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


You have no idea.


There are a million and one things about Vic that I'm grateful for. But I have to say...

The fact that HE DOES THE LAUNDRY is at the tip topity of the list.

Laundry is not even on my radar. Yes, I occasionally put it in the washer and sometimes the dryer, but I don't iron, I don't fold, I don't put away.

Give me any other chore and I'll gladly do it. But I hate laundry.

Vic is a whiz and it's all his.


It takes such a huge "load" off of me.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


  1. With you sweet appreciation, I'm certain he will continue doing the laundry. Good for you. :)

  2. ugh, laundry!!! it's such a good thing you and i are not wives-- our families would have nothing to wear.

    but if our husbands were husbands, they would be the stylingest, most neatly-pressed guys around.

    i detest laundry. yay for husbands who don't.

  3. wow! I don't even know what to say. my jaw is on the floor right now.

    I have one word and that is "LUCKY" (in my best napoleon dynamite voice).

  4. And he looks pleased to be of help in this area!! What a guy!

  5. Wow, I thought my niece was the only one who had one of these. She just "posted" yesterday how bad it was that she wore nicely pressed scrubs to work everyday and now, her husband who has taken care of her and their two children while they were sick is sick and she had to ask him how to turn on the iron and where to start!

    How did you women get so lucky! Well, Vic is lucky too, I know that!

    Your friend in East Texas, Pam.

  6. Could there be any more proof of love than this??? I don't think so. Enjoy!!!

  7. Stop the Madness!!! B has NEVER done a load of laundry since we've been married these past 8 years! Way to go Vickster!! Definitely a keeper...but you already knew this :)

  8. I already knew this little tidbit but I have to say that is a really great picture of Vic.

  9. Can I order me one of those? Not yours of course. I want mine, just with the laundry detail. That is fabulous! Go Vic! and Yeah for Molly.

  10. Go Vic, and thanks for the encouragement on blog posts! It feels good to be caught up, even if if isn't laundry!

  11. Wow! What a GEM!!! I have a HUGE pile of clean clothes on the chair nearby...does he hire out? :)

  12. P.S. Dennis Quaid for sure! :)

  13. Luuu-cky! (think Napoleon D.)
    yeah...I hate laundry, too. My worst chore. Yet...I always do it. And even though I showed this to Jason & tried to convince him that REAL men do laundry - and even pointed out how happy Vic looks doing it - it was all to no avail.
    Oh well.
    P.S. Quite the pun-erific post, there.


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