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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thank goodness we took turns driving...

Dear New Mexico,

You are kind of ugly. You are in the middle of nowhere. The drive to get to you is even uglier than you are. But your balloon fiesta was spectacular. And there are a few people who live there that I happen to love. So I forgive you. Also, you were very kind in providing such nice weather to run and walk in. So again, I forgive you. ALSO--let me apologize again, because you have some of the very best food my eager taste buds and bottomless stomach have ever laid tongue and stomach acid to. Seriously.

You might be home to the world's largest balloon festival (listed on the top ten things to experience in America)!, but let's talk about what will really stand out to me for years to come. Your food.

You were worth the ten hour drive and 5 a.m. rouse.

And I'm even starting to think you aren't so ugly after all, now that I'm getting to know you.

The word that kept coming to mind during the fiesta was majestic. It's just something you have to experience first hand.

Dawn patrol.

Nothing like a little "sit-n-sip" in your baby's stroller.

For real. But I'm eating him for dessert this afternoon. Sorry.

My mom had her own balloon. The Grand Nancy! Shall we start calling you that from now on, Mom?

We missed Lucy horribly. Especially daddy.

Brother and sister at "The Frontier". A few words for you: Huevos Rancheros. May I also add the word: Heaven.

Did I mention the food?

Honorable mentions:
- Albuquerque Temple
-Seeing the Hales and meeting up for Pizza in the village of Corrales
-5 mile run in the foothills (on the constant lookout for rattlesnakes)
-Spontaneous sunset walk which led to goat sightings, horses, turkeys, apple orchards, and a park
-The Flying Star Restaurant (more than honorable)
-Beautiful, beautiful Moab
-Seeing cousin Allie off to school on the big yellow bus
-Grocery shopping at Trader-"I LOVE YOU. SO MUCH"-Joe's


  1. I love that little Peter munchkin! He is scrumptious. And I'm glad you found a little affection in your heart for New Mexico. You look beautiful.

    We were talking about cousins the other day. Jack knows that Lucy lives with Heavenly Father now. I said that I missed her and he said, "Maybe we could just take an airplane to see Heavenly Father so we can see her!" He was so sure he had figured it out. I told him that we'd definitely see her again some day. I can't wait.

    Love you.

  2. AweSOME! Looks like an amazing getaway (when you forget about the driving part!). The balloon fest sounds just incredible, your pics are great!

    Love the nursing in the jogging stroller...adorable Molly!

  3. I *love* the balloon festival in ABQ! We've been there for it a couple of times, and it is spectacular! Peter is getting so big, and looks like such a happy baby. I love the pic. of you in his stroller. Glad you had a good trip!

  4. I am not so much into long drives... but do them from time to time. Especially to see loved ones.

    I could get into balloon festivals.
    Lovely and majestic as you said.

    Looking at Peter I am reminded of Lucy... I know I didn't know her and I have never met him... but in photos.

    Did you and Vic get some sleep during Peter's turn at the wheel? ;) hehehe


  5. ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR! The balloon festival looks utterly spectacular. Check my blog soon, I will be posting pics of hot air balloons that come acrossed the Boise Valley and land on my street. For reals, yo.

    I forgive New Mexico, after all, for taking you away from me this weekend...

  6. looks like a good time. Sorry I missed out. But I will agree with you on two things. 1. The drive it AWFUL! Especially that last stretch through Farmington. 2. The weather is nice. I love the trails for walking and running there.. that's why I love Albuquerque. Don't tell anyone.

  7. LOL. Sounds like it turned out to be a great trip afterall. :) -cw

  8. Wow Peter is looking so BIG!! The sit n sip is great... So glad you had a fun getaway!!

  9. Wow! I've never seen so many balloons at one time or heard of this festival. Beautiful.

    Your stroller photo is fabulous. I actually thought it was a wheel chair before reading the caption. I thought a wheel chair for the nursing mother was a great idea. ha ha ha.

  10. The "Dawn Patrol" reminds me of the Disney movie "Night Crossing".

  11. Reminds me of home... We also have a hot air balloon festival.
    I absolutely LOVE the stroller-feed idea! I have breastfed just about everywhere, but the stroller is on the list of places to do!

    Broke my heart... that picture of Vic in front of the hot air balloons taking off...

    Your boy is gorgeous. Truly.

    (Sorry, my thoughts are all over... that's what your posts do to me. ;)

  12. What an awesome time!! (I cannot even begin to express my jealousy for the fact that you can sit in your baby's jogger. Chalk up another benefit to being small! Nobody wants to see a 5'9'' mother strolling around with her awkward lanky legs jutting out all over the place...)

    Really great photos!!

  13. Okay... i've never met any of you, or Lucy, but we have mutual friends and I have been following your blog for about 6 months. I don't know that I have ever left a comment. But I just had to say that as I read this post and got to the last picture I was struck by how much Peter look like Lucy. His little smile looks just like hers. You probably see it every day, but it really hit me. He's gorgeous. Thank you for your blog. I love your inspiring messages.

  14. Are balloon festivals just amazing! I love them. Never been to the one in Alb. but we have one here in Longview, Texas, and it's awesome! I have relatives in Alb, NM and my parents have been a couple of times, they just love it. Sounds like you'll had a great time, looks like Peter enjoyed every minute of it....don't you just love making these memories! Your friend in East Texas, Pam.

  15. How fun we were going to go, but cancelled lat minute. Peter is already so big, but SUPER cute!!! I love the haircut too.

  16. First of all- people... it is the Balloon FIESTA. If you are refering to the world's largest gathering of hot air balloons (seriously, people come from all over the world for this) it's a FIESTA, not festival. :)

    Ok, I feel better. Vic and Molly and Peter we loved having you and it went by way too fast. I am glad you made it home safely. I remember thinking NM was not all that pretty either but my views have definitely changed. Come see us a time or two more and maybe you will change your thoughts too.

    And I promise you will be well fed.


  17. Your family is just simply beautiful, and that little Peter is a doll!
    Thanks for your poetic outlook on life!
    Keep carrying on with brightness!

  18. GORGEOUS pictures! We'll have to add the balloon festival to our list of things we'd love to do.

  19. I've been to New Mexico many times and I think it's sweet how generous you are in your description! It's the arm pit of the U.S. I'm sure just getting away was the best part. You and your family are so beautiful. I never see the photo without Lucy in it. Sometimes I almost see her, then other times she seems to be in the picture in some altered way that vanishes if I look too hard. I'm not sure what I believe or what you believe, but Lucy feels so close even thought we never knew each other in life or in the act of death. I feel that her spirit is with you at all times and that because of my growing love for her and for you family I am graced to know that she is near by.

    I pray Lord that you won't let me say anything offensive or stupid, but Lucy, I perceive, was a quite special young lady and the gifts she has for you haven't even begun to be blessed by them, but those blessing and darling Lucy are very close to you.

    You're in my prayers!

  20. All those pictures make me smile! I bet it was a beautiful sight to see. And Peter, he couldn't get any cuter! Love you.

  21. Hey Molly,
    Cutie Michelle sent me a link to your blog----she has talked about you before and told me what an amazing person that you are!!

    So, I wanted to come over and say howdy----and hope that you will do the same on my blog----I will be back---reading about your amazing journey----you are a strong and beautiful woman....

  22. Molly,

    My sister lives in Rio Rancho, NM I haven't been able to get there YET...she literally has balloons behind her home during the festival. It looks amazing...She also commented on the sopapillas...I attempted, or should I say, my husband made them and they were fabulous... I cannot wait to go for a visit there and have the real thing...And it is funny, because I always tease her about living in such beauty...quite the opposite of here in florida.

    BTW, Peter is gorgeous.

  23. A few thoughts...
    1) From now on- I am only referring to your mother as "Grand Nancy."
    2) Peter is delicious.
    3) Your haircut is perhaps the cutest thing I have ever seen (other than Peter).
    4) I LOVE you and am so proud that you are my friend. You are Ameeeeeezing!
    5) Can you next road trip be to NYC?


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