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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Long overdue, is a shout out to SUGARHOUSE CAKES! For Lucy's 2nd birthday, just a week and a half after her funeral, this gorgeous cake was presented and enjoyed by all:

And surprising us at Peter's baby shower was this adorable (and delicious!) number:

Head on over to their blog to check out some fantastic culinary deliciousness. Thank you, Jill, Janis, and Brittney for such sweetness.


Eat it up!


  1. very cool cakes. And so touching. I'm sure you are amazed time and again at how giving people are. Thanks for sharing these stories with us!

  2. so very cute. I love the little peas in a pod. I will have another cake site to look at. The fondant designed cakes are so interesting and the creativity is limitless.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Wow! ALMOST makes me wish I lived in Utah!!


  4. These cakes are just precious, as are your children.

  5. Those are beautiful and made me want to cry. It was so good getting to see you three in July.

  6. Those cakes are absolutely awesome! It's amazing how creative they can be with something that's edible.

  7. Can pictures of a cake make you cry? Yes, yes it can.
    That cake for Lucy is absolutely perfect and just so beautiful. So beautiful.
    And the little baby in the pod and (voice goes higher) and the little pea body and- Oh! That is precious. Precious I tell you.

  8. (you don't have to "approve" this comment I was just telling you this is Jenn of coupleoclarks but I am logged in under my other thing.

  9. I love that...( referring to the post above :voice goes higher!)
    even higher. And I am an alto! Really they are both
    P R E C I O U S! wow. I am a new fan of the options that fondant bring!

  10. Soooooooooooo amazing and beautiful!

  11. Molly,
    You are so sweet. I know Britt loved making both of them.

  12. Thanks for the sweet things you and everyone else said Molly. Anyone close to you would count me as one of the lucky people who got to express their condolences in such a tangible way.

    Those are two of my favorite cakes and no, I cannot look at pics of the Peter Pan cake without shedding a tear. Just the way it is. I hope no one noticed a little extra salt water in that cake because it was a tough one to make and hold it together. Thanks again. Love your blog! :)



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