This, That and a Movie Star

Monday, August 17, 2009
What we've been up to:

Sleeping through his first parade--4th of July, Park City Main Street.

Visiting Lucy at the cemetery.

Slobbering like a fool.

Having moles removed. Beauty.

Having dinner with the Livingstons. Lance is head of Summit County Search and Rescue and performed CPR on Lucy. It was a very touching and emotional dinner. (And yes, I purchased a Spider Man and Super Man t-shirt from the little boys section of Old Navy. Who needs lingerie when your husband drools over this stuff?)

Curling my "long" hair.

Chopping my long hair.

Reading at night with a sexy headlamp.

Taking our neighbors to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House.

Visiting daddy at work.

Trying out the Bumbo for the first time--he's a pro.

Vic going a little crazy over summer produce. You cannot send that man to the grocery store unsupervised.

Attending my Illinois Peoria "Sisters only"Reunion and discovering that I served with one of Vic's best friends sisters. (make sense?...his friend is Kent Nelson). And getting to see my trainer (the gal to my left in blue) was a treat. Love her!

Trying out the Johnny Jumper for the first time. Lots of tears thinking of Lucy in it. Again, he's a pro. "I think I'm ready to go pro."

Getting chunky and enjoying bath time. He's such a little man! Look at those Popeye arms.

Discovering his thumb and getting caught red handed!

Chillin with the neighborhood mooses (meese? moosen?) while garage Saleing. Yes, that's a technical term. Garage Sailing.

Nap time with Daddy.

Taking Peter to see his first film--in order to prepare him for his upcoming acting debut. We saw UP and it was incredibly darling. We may or may not have cried quite a little bit. Notice the "bib of shame" Peter is wearing. He is also a pro in the drool department.

Going on short jogs on Saturday mornings. No big whoop. Oh, wait--a half marathon. Ouch.

Peter's first a a girl. He's going to kill us when he's older. His character's name was Bella. Sorry, Peter. We had an enormous and professional film crew at our home for an entire day/night (they left at 2 a.m.) It was quite the experience. Watch for the film "Blue Door" (Actually, it's "I Live in the House with the Blue Door") at the Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals! I was slated to be in the film but was in a postpartum stooper and didn't attend the auditions. Next time.

Our loft turned into the makeup studio.

Our garage became the main hub. It was so funny to drive home and see all the neighbor kids out on our lawn getting autographs. They even asked for mine. The best part was that it was catered so we ate to our hearts content. Dee-lish.

The lead actor made the neighbor girls swoon. Great guy. I didn't swoon. Ok, I tried not to.

It was amazing what they could do with lighting. It was after midnight and it looked like the middle of the day inside the house. The neighborhood was buzzing with excitement. Also in the film (and a super sweet guy) was Tyler--winner of Amazing Race Season 9. The whole crew was wondering why we still have a Christmas tree in our living room. It was neat to have the opportunity to talk about Lucy and I was so surprised at their very sincere and kind reactions.

We're enjoying lots of walks and runs before the weather turns cold.

Cuddle time with mom is the best.

That's a wrap!


  1. Peter may not be too happy about the whole Bella thing... but he will forgive you.

    Wow your whole place a photo shoot amazing! Especially the food, yummy.

    I like your hair short. I am being sneaky... I want mine short and my hubby and daughter complain... so it gets a bit shorter every haircut.


  2. Wow, you have had a busy summer! Look at Peter, the little movie star! That's so awesome! You look beautiful. Peaceful and beautiful. I'd love to get together sometime soon.

  3. What an exciting a full life you have. Never a dull moment. You guys are the most adorable family. I hope you are truly getting to enjoy all this. It's truly amazing!!! Aways in my prayers!!!

  4. Wow...that's so exciting!! I will watch for it! I may have to wait for our film festival to see it. Vic's a big man to let his son play a girl!! Love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I'm exhausted just reading this post! OY!

    LOVE the new haircut! I am so jealous of people who can pull super short 'dos off like that.

    CRAZY that you had a film crew in your house. Are you nuts?!

    Peter is a doll. Absolutely precious.

    My fave pic. is the one at Lucy's grave... I love that Daddy & Son are smiling and enjoying the visit... testifies of the peace of eternal perspective, eh?

  6. Molly, i love this update...especially the picture of you have the BIGGEST SMILE EVER! :) -cw

  7. My quilt!! Or Peter's quilt, I guess. Haha! He is so darling- we will be in Park City for Christmas, we HAVE to get together then.

  8. What a cutie he is! Those pic of him in the light blue hat are just stellar.


  9. looks like good times! My little brother (by 18 mos.) said he served with you on his mission. Do you remeber an Elder Cowan? No problem if you don't...just thought I'd check.

  10. I loved seeing you too. Twice in one day even. Looks like a busy and great summer!

  11. Jealous of the IPM sisters reunion. :) And it looks like you had a great summer.

  12. Wow you have been busy!!! Peter is so cute and you look fabulous!

    Who are your neighbors that you took to the temple? They look so familiar!

  13. love your new haircut too Molly. You look wonderful. glad you have so much to keep you busy!

  14. I loved your post about the race so good. Crazy that you have a movie theatre in your house. I did see you at the race but I didn't want to feel like a stalker. I passed you when you coming up the hill I was going down. I wrote a thing on my blog about the half. Go check it out. Also, you said you emailed someone for an invite to that blog. I haven't recieved one yet. Just checking back. Great job on the race again.

  15. I miss you and your cute family. Peter is already a handsome (or should I say pretty) movie star. I hope your enjoying your beautiful weather. I'll call you soon.

  16. I loved this update. You look happy and peaceful. The one of you running with the biggest smile ever, is adorable! I have to say- I NEVER look like that while running! :) Peter is so cute, and looks like such a happy baby. How fun to have him in a movie, something I am sure you will cherish always.

  17. Peter is growing up so quickly! What an adorable boy! You look great. Love the new hair cut and congrats on the half-marathon. I hope I'm more like you when I "grow up."

  18. I love BJ and Tyler! That was my favorite season of the Amazing Race! And I love that Vic can't go grocery shopping without supervision! Ha ha! Hope we can see the movie sometime!

  19. LOVED all the pics. You look amazing, as do your two men. I was so hit with emotion at the picture of you and Lance Livingston. Tears. Wow. And I just want to say how incredible your smile is looking these days. I see your bright light in there shining again. :)

  20. Love your hair, and you know it is kinda funny I have a spiderman shirt I bought on clearence last year and it is my husbands favorite shirt!!! Totally cracks me up! Way to go on the half marathon I hope to do one some day!
    Thank you for you blog and all the inspiration it has for me!!

  21. Wow - great updates & pics! I had an interesting dream about you the other night. Remind me to share it with you sometime.
    LOVE the pics of Peter - he is such a cutie. Keep 'em comin'!
    Jason got a kick out of the fact that he played a girl. Yes, hopefully he WILL forgive you! ;)

  22. Your little man is so dang cute. Congrats on your run. That is amazing. My little sister Michelle ran in the same race and said that when she looked up her time, you both finished at almost the exact same time. She said you had the cutest pink bow in your hair and she knew it was Lucy. I also just got back from Burley and thought of you and AMy as we drove by that burger place. It made me giggle. Good times. Hope all is well.

  23. I really enjoyed this post! The pictures were wonderful and informative and inspiring. That drool is priceless. Give Peter an extra kiss on the cheek from Roach. Love you guys!

  24. So fun to see all the photos. Peter probably won't ever forgive you for his acting debut. It was so great having you at book club this week!

  25. I think you posted on my Blog, but I'm not sure. I followed the link here, so I apologize if this isn't the right Blog.

    Thanks for the comment you left. I am slowly healing from losing my sweet Elizabeth. I am not sure if you know me, but I know you husband. He and my oldest sister were great friends growing up and my Sister was also best friends with Joy. I love the Jackson family !

  26. Peter is so beautiful Molly! It brought tears to my eyes looking at him and remembering some of the pictures of Lucy.
    What a little stud Peter is. He is growing so fast.


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