Saint Lucia Day

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sankta Lucia Day is the celebration dedicated to St. Lucia and is observed on December 13 mainly in Scandinavian countries, southern Europe and parts of the United States.

In traditional community celebrations, a young woman is chosen to represent Saint Lucia and take sweet breads to homes in the community while wearing a white robe and candle-wreath and singing a Lucia song. Other girls participate, dressed in the same kind of white robe and carrying a candle in one hand. In the home and family celebrations only the oldest daughter wears the candle-wreath representing St. Lucia and the light with which she overcame the darkness.

Tonight we celebrate our little Lucia Isabella and hope that the light she brought into our lives will continue to burn and shine through the lives we live and the love we share with one another. We are delivering sweet bread to friends and neighbors in Park City to bring warmth and light in honor of our little Lucy. We wish it were possible to take bread to ALL of you.

We hope that her life will be a reminder to us all to share our light with others so that they may look to the source of all light: Our Savior Jesus Christ. At this time of year, as we remember His birth and mission, we hope that the peace and promise of His life will shine brightly in yours. Thank you for your prayers, your love, your friendship, and caring about our little "St. Lucia".

God bless you this Christmas season and always,

The Jackson Family-

Vic, Molly, Lucy


  1. She looks like her mommy in that picture! Cute, cute!

  2. I thought of you all day. It's been beautiful.

  3. How perfect a holiday to celebrate your angel Lucy, and what a beautiful way to remember her, by giving something to others in her memory.
    tears and smiles,

  4. How sweet of you to do something for others in memory of Lucy. What a perfect way to celebrate her light.

  5. Thought of you AGAIN today as we discussed the book of Ether in SS and particularly the topic of faith. You are a great example of this principle.
    Praying for peace to be with you during this holiday season.

  6. my heart is touched my eyes are wet. thank you.


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