New England Escape

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where: Massachusettes, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island

Why: Brother's wedding at the Gamble Mansion-downtown Boston/vacation

Who: Bice Family, Pelletier Family, Joe and Jen Jackson, Heather and Alan Staker

What: Wedding, beyond fantastic food, dancing, shopping, walking, sailing, sight seeing, pastries, history, Atlantic ocean, laughter, tears, stress, fun, escape, learning, loving, living.

When: Oct 8-Oct 15

Accomodations: The North End, The Jackson Household

Specific Sights: Old North Church, John and Abigail Adams crypts and homestead in Quincy, Mass, Salem, Mass--home of the infamous Witch Trials, Home of Louisa May Alcott-Author of Little Women, Old North Bridge (shot heard round the world), Jackson House in Portsmouth, NH, Cape Neddick Nubble lighthouse in York, Mass, The Breakers and cliff walk in Portsmouth, RI, Boston Temple, Freedom Trail, Boston Harbor, Harvard, Cambridge, etc, etc, etc. A bit of heaven on earth.

Just a little something to tide us over on the long flight.

At the wedding rehearsal. Bice doing a little planning with the caterer and bandmates.

The Bice girls at the rehearsal dinner.

Brother and sister getting ready for the big moment.

Suck it in sistah.

The blushing bride before the big reveal.

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Bice

Monkeying around with Lucy's cousin, Jack, in the North End.

Old North Church. (One if by land, two if by sea) This was literally 15 yards from our apartment where we were staying.

The Bice children and their spouses on the steps of the Harvard Library. Don't mind my husband. I'm still camera training him.

We got a text one morning from my brother Taylor saying, "There are elephants on Hanover Street!" What? Who gets told through a casual text message there are elephants on the street? The circus was in town and brought out the elephants for a little show. How many people cry when they see an elephant? The excitment on those children's faces, the look of anticipation in their parents eyes--it broke my heart. Lucy would have loved it. We thought it would be a great title of a Children's Book--There's an Elephant on Hanover Street. We said it often throughout the day. At one point I looked at Vic and asked him why the phrase wasn't making him smile. He said it was because of the next line running through his head, "There's an elephant on Hanover Street. Where is my Lucy sweet?" Someday. Someday we will go to the circus with Lucy and see elephants.

For now, I delight in seeing my niece Bailey look at them.

New Sister-in-law Marie and I laughing at ourselves on the cliff walk in Rhode Island.

I love these people.

I'm saiiiiilling!!

Amazing. Can I please move to New England and start sailing?

How did my brother get such a babe? Italian nonetheless.

And how did I get this hotness we see before us? He belongs on the high seas.

How could you not cry when looking at this and thinking of your daughter, who's name means Light? You can't. So we did. We cried and we felt Lucy with us.

My growing baby bump.

Amazed at the beauty of Concord. Oh, the foliage!

At the home of Louisa May Alcott--oh, how I love her. Like Jen Jackson said, Little Women is more than just a book. It's a right of passage.

On the North Bridge.

It was all so breathtakingly beautiful. The food and company were so satisfying and wonderful. The weather was perfect. The wedding was unbelievable. I had the honor and somewhat emotionally difficult task of standing in for Lucy as a flower girl. I'm sure she was there cheering on her Uncle Nathan and reminding us all what a special and sacred event a marriage is. To say that we ached and longed for her to be there with us is a gross understatement. But she has taught us new ways to see and live. We see everything through her eyes now. I have hope that the pain we are experiencing is only a catalyst in enabling us to feel greater joy in the future. It was a fantastic trip, to say the least. Coming home was much more difficult than I expected and I have been struggling all day to fill my time and not give in to despair. Time to roll up my sleeves and get to work serving others, developing talents, and just down right good old fashioned toiling away at the work of life.


  1. I've been in love with New England since...before I can remember. I used to dream about getting my law degree from Columbia or Yale and taking my kids sailing on the Chesapeake on the weekends. Every move I get a little closer. Thanks for the brief look into what can be.


  2. Migh, the Bice children have all changed from those days when you lived on Comanche. So fun to you see you all. Looks like you guys had a wonderful, beautiful trip. Looks like the perfect escape. You deserve it.

  3. I heard about the wedding from Steve. He said her family was really great!
    What a beautiful time to visit!

  4. Molly,

    It sounds like your trip was so bitter-sweet. I hope that you can be fulfilled, in developing your talents. I know you have many! You are never far from my thoughts and prayers. You look wonderful, though! Pregnancy agrees with you. Your pictures and the way you describe your experiences, helps me to feel as if I were there. Thanks again for the sweet spirit you share.

  5. Molly,
    I have been thinking of you and hoping you are doing ok. What a fun getaway...I love and miss Boston. That is where Cameron entered and exited this world. What beautiful pictures. I am sure Lucy was there at the lighthouse with you. Anyway I have just been wondering how you were doing. Hang in there. Love, Cassi
    and p.s. love the baby bump. Do you know what you are having yet?

  6. Molly, It looks as if you had a wonderful time. I must tell you that the picture of you and Vic in front of the lighthouse is beautiful. Lucy...meaning light. Her name has taken on so many other meanings. Angel, inspiration, continue to inspire me as a wife, other and woman every single day. I love the "growing bump" pic. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your vacation. It is so pretty. Do you know what you are having a boy or girl?

  8. I love the line where you said you were still camera training your husband, I am still trying to accomplish that. Good luck! On a different note, thinking and praying for you daily. What a beautiful little pregnant lady you are.

  9. Molly, What a fabulous trip! I have been thinking about you a lot lately, and even though we haven't spent a ton of time together, I feel that you are one of my dear friends. Glad to see you are still keeping on. Miss you and love you!

  10. Molly I met you at Cucina Tuscana a while back. I was the one in the bathroom with the baby boy. How are you doing? I think of you often and your spirit so touched my soul. I loved your pictures from New England. We lived in NYC for 2 yrs and visited all those placed often. Oh how I miss the east coast!

  11. Beautiful pictures! I am so glad you were able to get away and be surrounded by so much family.

    And your baby belly - too cute!

  12. I don't know you, but I've found your blog through Stephanie Waite. As I looked through your pics, I missed your little Lucy FOR you. What a precious little girl she is. How wonderful to be her "stand in" as the flower girl. That brought tears to my eyes as well as the lighthouse picture. I cannot even imagine losing one of mine. I love how you are now seeing the world through her eyes. How beautiful. Congrats on your beautiful bump. I think Lucy will send her love from heaven through this little baby.

  13. I didn't know you are pregnant...congratulations Molly. I love all the pics...and I love how much you keep Lucy alive with everything you do. I'm the same way with Trinity...I wont let her memory die. I make sure Trinity is always apart of the things we do. Hugs to you! Love, Melinda

  14. It looked absolutely beautiful. Glad you got away for a bit and had a great time with family. Congrats to Nathan!

  15. Looks like you had a well deserved vacation! Beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing your blog! You are such an inspiration and I admire so much! It was fun to see your cute baby bump! When are you due and do you know what you are having?

  16. Oh Molly, I'm so glad you left me that comment. I honestly think of you as my friend, You are amazing and pray that I run in to you one day. I just Love you!

  17. Congrats to Nathan!!!
    I LOVE seeing all the Bice family pictures. Seriously, I love your entire family so much!
    I saw your comment about an email for Eldon- there is a link to thier blog on my page (if you didn't see it). I am sure he would LOVE to hear from you.
    take care sister!

  18. I cant believe how pretty it is there. What a fun trip you had.. and emotional I'm sure. Marie looks like she could have been a bride in Vogue. Congratulations to both of them. They really are two of the coolest people I've ever met.

  19. no wonder I haven't been able to reach you, Molly! Good for you; I'm sure the change of scenery was so refreshing. Isn't it amazing how many people keep up on your blog? Let's talk soon...

  20. Congrats to Nathan & Marie. I'm still telling my self to send them something. Thanks for the post.

  21. Looks like you guys had a great time. Glad you were able to escape for a few days and be with loving family and friends. Oh I was very excited to see the baby bump! How far along are you now? Cody and I will be welcoming baby #3 into the world on Sunday. It's a girl, no name yet...but can I ask for your opinions? We have narrowed it down to either Aspen or Reese. What do you like? Thinking of you each and every day and sending out our love!

  22. Molly, I was just there and I have almost EXACTLY the same pictures you do! How fun and exciting to read someone elses take on those places. You look great, when are you due and are you going to find out what the new baby is?

  23. Oh Molly!! That is my home ground and seeing those pictures makes me miss it so terribly. It looks like it was such a beautiful time!! Has it really been 5 weeks since I've seen you? And look at your belly already?!!! Call me soon!

  24. I have been a long time silent admirer of your courage and faith.
    I felt I should reveal myself today.
    You have touched my life and the life of my grown daughter...and you didn't even know:)
    Fondly, Barbara

  25. What a great trip! Looks like you had fun with family and friends & enjoyed many of the coolest New England sites! Love it.

    Your new sister-in-law is stunning in her dress, you look awesome with your baby bump, & thank you for the beautiful descriptions of the fun you had and the feelings you felt.

    we love you!

  26. I havn't looked at your blog for a while. I think the Lucy tree is brilliant. We miss Park City. I am so happy to see you pregnant! you're beautiful.

  27. Molly, I have been following your blog since about August, through my friend Eden. I cry every time I read your entries (and believe me, I am NOT a crier!). You have such a beatiful, poetic writing style. I am so sorry for your loss, and pray that new joy will be brought forth into your lives with your new baby.

  28. So.........does this mean you're STAYING in Utah? Because I have this unrealistic expectation that you'll move here. We have room! You can move in with us! Really!


    We had SUCH a fun time with you, and Ian cried all the way from Providence to Pawtucket because he thought he was going with you.

    "I go with vic and molly!"
    "they come back our house?"
    "no, mama, we eat when vic and molly come back."


    You are SORELY missed.

  29. I have all of these things to say:

    1. Your bro. Nathan scored.
    2. You bice ladies are beautiful.
    3. I'm dying over your "camera training" comment.
    4. Elephant's on Hanover Street? My heart broke with you. Look at those amazing giants.
    5. Does the sign above the elephant's head really say "LUCIA"?
    6. As I was looking at all of these pictures I was thinking "man, she sure doesn't look pregnant." Until your "pregnant" picture. What the heck? I just saw you like 3 or 4 weeks ago and you weren't even showing...
    7. I was with you when you bought that adorable red striped shirt. In fact, I think I talked you into it.
    8. The fall pictures (well, all of them for that matter) are stunning. As are you.
    9. Be of good cheer. I love you.

  30. There's an elephant on Hanover Street
    Where is my Lucy Sweet?
    She was right here beside my feet.
    Oh, there she is, high on an elephant seat.
    There's a kangaroo in Central Park you know.
    Now where did my little Lucy go?
    I wish her bouncy curls would show.
    Oh, there she is, jumping to and fro.
    There's a monkey in that Redwood Tree.
    But my lovely Lucy I cant see.
    Where could my little sunshine be?
    Oh, there she is, way up high and swinging free.
    There's a butterfly perched on my ear.
    Why isn't my Lucy here?
    She might miss the world, I fear.
    Oh, there she is, she's always near.

  31. Looks like a lot of fun. I have always wanted to go to New England in the fall. I even thought about going to UCONN for grad school, back before I met Ryan. You look great, your baby bump is so cute. I'm sure that must have been so hard to see the elephants and not have little Lucy there with you. We got together with Nick and Brittany and Dan and Darcie on Monday, and you guys were really missed. Hope you are doing well and feeling well.

  32. Molly, you are soooo darling! It looks like you had a much deserved fun vacation! You look just awesome! We need to get together soon and play.

  33. Was that Joy or Jenny that wrote the poem in the "pack of robinsons" comment?" It is absolutely beautiful. We certainly did see Lucy everywhere we went in Boston. Molly and Vic so graciously helped with all of the kids, all the while missing Lucy sweet.

  34. Oh wow. What a great summary of your trip. I feel like I was there...and I have NEVER been to new england. You guys deserve every last savory autumn drop you experienced.
    And Molly...your baby bump took my breath away. I can't believe it. I must say I am a bit inspired ;)
    Love Mindy (and Mike)

  35. You my dear are one hot preggo lady! Looks like a wonderful trip. Next time stop in Atlanta our spare bed room is calling your name.

  36. Wow guys! What a great trip! What wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing! Congratulations to Nathan and his cute wife.

  37. You don't know me but I found your blog through a friend. I just wanted to thank you for reminding me that everyday we are given is a gift & to let those around us know we love them. Thank you for your example I have found that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is really true. I can't imagine how it is to lose a child but you have showed me that through our faith we can climb out of the depths of despair. Thank you sooo much, I no longer take the little things for granted anymore.
    Love, Nancy Glover

  38. Molly...
    What an awesome trip! It is my dream to enjoy New England's history, culture and foliage. Those pictures were beautiful and perfect, but the most beautiful was the one of your little bump. You are so stunning, in all your prego glory, even when you're achy. I wish I was there to watch you get a big beautiful belly. Love you guys and miss you thiiiiiiiiiiiis much. PS.Elephants everywhere Heaven, Hanover street....Lucy sees both.

  39. that was funny to see my sister's name on your blog. i'm catherine, i live down the street from steph waite, and heather staker is my older sister. i'm glad you got to have a fun trip together in the east coast.

    my family is praying for yours and that your days are filled with peace and hope.



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