Days of Plenty

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I met up with a friend from Peter Pan today. She showered me with gifts; all different kinds. One of them was the soundtrack to the Broadway show "Little Women". But my favorite gift was her openness and spirit. We cried a lot. On the drive home I listened to this song:

Days of Plenty

I never dreamed of this sorrow
I never thought I'd have reason to lament
I hoped I'd never know heartbreak
How I wish I could change the way things went!
I wanted nothing but goodness
I wanted reason to prevail
Not this bare emptiness
I wanted Days of Plenty.

But I refuse to feel tragic,
I am aching for more than pain and grief.
There has got to be meaning,
Most of all when a life has been so brief.
I have got to learn something,
How can I give her any less?
I want life to go on
I want Days of Plenty

You have to Believe,
There is reason for Hope
You have to Believe
That the answers will come
You can't let this defeat you
I won't less this defeat you
You must fight to keep her there
Within you

So Believe that she matters
And Believe that she always will
She will always be with you
She'll be part of the days you've yet to fill
She will live in your bounty
She will live as you carry on your life

So carry on,
Full of Hope,
She'll be there,

For all your Days of Plenty

Not long after Lucy was born, Vic and I read this classic tale together. We fell in love with it. It was added to our library of "future books to read to Lucy." It is a magical and moving story. In the musical, Mrs. March sings this after her daughter, Beth, passes away. I've been singing it to Lucy all day long.


  1. Molly-That song is so fitting. I wish we lived closer. I would love to be there for you. Just know you are constantly on my mind and in my prayers.I love you and cherish your friendship. I wish I had your strength.

  2. Molly, I am a devoted reader of everything you have gone through. I just wanted to tell you how much I admire your your wisdom. I know that we are seeing only a glimpse of what your life is like but so far that is a very angelic and humbling glimpse. I love you.

  3. Those are beautiful lyrics, and so appropriate. I love the book and the movie "Little Women". You are an amazing woman, Molly, and I am grateful to be your friend. I hope I can see you soon.

  4. Those are beautiful lyrics, and so appropriate. I love the book and the movie "Little Women". You are an amazing woman, Molly, and I am grateful to be your friend. I hope I can see you soon.

  5. Although I have a pretty broad collection of Broadway musical theater music, "Little Women" hasn't made it into my library... until now. Thanks for sharing and know that I love you.

  6. I'm not sure how I stumbled on your blog, but now that I've found it, I can't leave without thanking you for your touching testimony and sharing some of the experiences you have endured lately. I have been changed from reading your blog. Without sounding cliche or trite, know that you are in my prayers and I wish you the best as you continue forward.

  7. Beautiful...she WILL live in your bounty! I would love to hear you sing that song. I think. After watching you in Peter Pan I finally realized why they needed a woman to be Peter, so that she/he could sing that woman song when she was fooling Capt. H.
    And you did it beautifully. I always loved Little Women. I could never decide who I wanted to be like....
    Who would you want to play if you could?

  8. Molly- Your strength amazes me, you both continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!
    Susie (Elliott) Lage

  9. Wow, I really want to hear that song. And read the book. I am so grateful that you both are surrounded by such wonderful friends. I was just talking about this yesterday with a friend of mine. And also that I am a little jealous of not getting to be there for those special and sacred times. We are always thinking of you and praying for you.

  10. Molly,
    You may not remember me; Patty Forsgren (now Horne) from your Rexburg ward; but you are part of my memories. I have followed your loss with a broken heart for you and for your family. I have wept with you and for you. I am sorry for your loss, but rejoice with you for the beautiful daughter you have.
    I can tell that you are a wonderful mother and wife, as you were an outstanding Young Woman. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers still. Please give my best also to your parents. I understand they are no longer in Rexburg either.
    With much love,
    Patty Forsgren Horne

  11. Oh my gosh that is so incredible because I was listening to this very song the other day and tears were coming for you while I listened. I thought to myself that I have to get you this song so you can listen to it! It was meant to be....

    Love you....

  12. What a sweet post. I am still a stranger to you.... but I think about your little family every single day. I am amazed at your strength. I am a better person because of you, Lucy, and your husband. Your story has touched me deeper than you will ever know. Keep hanging in there! :)

  13. Love, Love, Love the song.

    And I loved being with you.

    Thank you for your insights and for sharing.
    We must do it again.

  14. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps one of the reasons Lucy was given to you was because Heavenly Father knew you would share her so unreservedly with the world--touching so many hearts. Thank you. Love you.

  15. Another stranger here, I can't help it, your strength amazes me. You've heard it over and over but your story is changing lives. I'm a mom and this morning while feeding oatmeal to my one year old twins I really looked at them and took time to enjoy the moment...a messy, sticky one I might add. Usually I just rush through these moments, not anymore. Today I looked into my son's blue eyes and cried at my daughter's sweet oatmeal covered smile. Today I remembered to embrace the moment thanks to your Lucy. The thing that gets me is that you always did this with your daughter. I've read back through your entire blog. You always cherished every moment with her; you always loved every smile, laugh, or cry. You got it all along. You always knew how lucky you were to have that beautiful angel in your life and you screamed it from every picture and every post. How lucky you must feel to have not wasted a single moment loving your daughter. So thank you, for teaching me that moments are fleeting and to love completely every second of my children's lives...even the messy, sticky, oatmeal covered ones.

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  17. I have tears in my eyes, reading what "the one in charge" just posted above me. She is dead on. You got it from the start. How we have so much to learn from you. Please continue to share your beautiful and sacred thoughts with us.

  18. Molly-
    I have been thinking of you for the past week or so and I just want you to know that I have been praying so hard for your little family to feel comforted. I send all of my love and hope you are finding the strength to make it through. All of my love

  19. I love what the one in charge wrote and I thank her for that! She is right.

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  21. I'm one of Michelle's friends, she told me about heart goes out to you both. I'm so so sorry about sweet sweet baby Lucy. What a beautiful little girl! xoxoxo


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