Perpetual Motion Machine

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You all know by now that Lucy is obsessed with anything Peter Pan. We have Peter Pan books, Peter Pan dolls, we own the movie (the Cathy Rigby Broadway Stage version), she plays with Captain Hook's sword, says goodbye to "Kee-Kee" and "Mommy" (Peter Pan) every time we leave the house, finish a book, or turn off the movie. OBSESSED. she has a new obsession. And it tickles me. It's just one little word that she says so well--
Annie for breakfast, and Annie for dinner. If she had things her way, she'd watch Annie for lunch too. It's a hard knock life, kiddo. I have so many fond memories tied to this musical. My sister Amy, was in a production of Annie when we lived in Jacksonville, Florida. She played the part of Molly, of course. I would sit in that audience completely mesmerized by everything on stage. I had all the lines memorized, (still do), and I would have given anything to be on the stage with my sister singing and dancing my guts out. Years later, my dad had the opportunity to play Daddy Warbucks. I WILL find the cassette tape he made of himself practicing his lines (as well as Annie's. Yes, he used a different voice and everything). He would drive in his car or lay in bed at night listening to it over and over. When I got in the car with him one day and heard it playing I just about died with laughter. SO CLASSIC RUSSELL BICE. I think we should play it at his funeral. And then of course, there was the time my parents heard some "music" coming from somewhere in the house at 2 o'clock in the morning. Upon further investigation, they discovered their daughter Molly singing, "The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow" at the top of her lungs...while sitting on the toilet. I think I was about 8 or 9. ? see Lucy completely enthralled in all of this musical drama as I was, is such a treat. I never knew that so many things could all be tied back to Annie. Just yesterday we were playing outside and a helicopter flew overhead. "Annie!" She squeals. "What?" I didn't get it. "OH...yes, Annie flies in a helicopter with Daddy Warbucks to meet Pres. Roosevelt in the movie." Of course. And Annie goes to bed with her "Bee" (blanket) just like Lucy does. And Annie dances, and Annie has a dog, and Annie wears red. Lucy loves to point out all of these very exciting facts whenever the occasion arises. I've tried telling her that Annie uses the potty too, but she doesn't believe me.

She keeps me on my toes, that's for sure. Not only is it non-stop Peter Pan and non-stop Annie, it's also non-stop movement. The perpetual motion machine indeed. When I'm not tired, Lucy is SUCH A JOY. When I am tired, like I was all day yesterday (I'm trying so hard to ween myself off of prescription sleeping pills. I took TWO Tylenol PM instead of my usual Ambien..which kind of defeats the point..and had a hangover all day yesterday. I need help! Advice, please. But trust me, I've tried a lot of things. Chamomile tea, melatonin, relaxation, etc.) I can hardly keep up with her and all I can think about is when my next moment of rest will be. She just cracks me up! I love her kisses and hugs and have come up with some creative ways to get them. I'm so evil! Anytime she wants...anything...I make her give me a "squeeeeeeze" and a kiss.

She is talking so much these days, but I want to make a list of some of her phrases and words for memories sake.
-Kee Kee (Captain Hook)
-Da Da (daddy)
-Bee (her blanket)
-Hana Scwee (Hannigan, Scary!)
-Mas (Pajamas)
-Cute shoes! (she points out her shoes and says this to ANYONE who walks by)
-lu you (love you)
-Amo (Te Amo)
-Gas (Gas)
-Gas (Gracias)
-Porf (Por Favor)
-Uno, Dos, Tres (Dos being her favorite)
-Ello (hello)
-Baby (and she'll "play" baby and let me hold her and rock her)
-Mommy, where are you??(or Elmo, or Annie, etc)
-There you go Elmo (when she lays him down next to her to go to sleep)
-Smee (Smee from Peter Pan)
-juuuuice (Huwant mo juice!)
-I sorry (Oh it just breaks my heart when she says this. It's so cute)

There are too many to list, but those are some of my favorites. I am so blessed to be her mom.

(We went to the outlet mall on Saturday while daddy was painting the new house. She had such a fun time learning to slide all by herself and playing in the sunshine for the first time in MONTHS. And we actually broke 60 degrees today. First time since October of '07. I'm SO TIRED of being cold all the time).


  1. Molly- I love Lucy! She has so many strengths I want her to rub off on my kids! This is a stupid question but, why are you trying to ween yourself from Ambien? Jenny

  2. Oh , Jenny...You think you are being sly? HA HA. I'm trying to get off of Ambien for a few reasons. 1) It would be nice to not be addicted to something. Vic says I've done some crazy things because of the Ambien at night. Though he won't tell me what 2) We are THINKING about trying to get pregnant this summer and I have to be able to sleep drug free for the baby.

    But really...I LOVE it that I have peace of mind and know that I will get a good nights sleep every single night when I take Ambien. I have energy and am a good mom because I sleep well. I'm so worried about not having it.

  3. that is so cute! i hope my kids love to sing and watch and be in musicals. that would be a treat.

  4. Millie LOVES musicals. She was really into Annie when she was about Lucy's age. But she has now moved on to Wizard of Oz and Little Shop of Horrors. I know, but she LOVES it.

    As far as sleeping pills, those sound really good right now. I am on new meds that are keeping me awake at night. It is 4:53 right now, but I have been wide awake since 3.

  5. so adorable!!!! I would love to see you as a musical obsessed child:)

  6. Annie uses the toilet, too? I'm with Lucy. I do NOT believe it.

  7. molly- your blog is HILARIOUS!!!!!! I am sad we don't live close because we have so much in common: our love of musicals (i wish my son were as passionate), our tasty toddlers, our gassy husbands and so on. And I am so jealous that you live in Park City-- love it!
    I am glad that you stopped by my blog- it is way less eloquent than yours. Russ says that you went to the jenny phillips workshop. I am going this summer. I really don't know what to expect, i just hope it might give me a better idea of what i want to do musically. What was it like? Your dad has my email- or just feel free to blab on my blog. You look great by-the-way! You go mom!


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