Joke's on Me

Wednesday, April 9, 2008
THIS IS A JOKE! I took this photo from my kitchen window today. Words cannot even begin to describe how I feel. The amount of snow still left on the ground is enough to make a baby join the NRA. But when you see the snow is still DESCENDING DOWN upon it. Now that just gets my goat.

THIS, however, is not a joke. She really is this cute.


  1. Molly-
    It is amazing who you can come across on the blog sites. IT has been so long since I have seen and you look great. Your family is beautiful. I hope you are doing well and it was fun to see how you are doing.

    Love, Brooke(mendenhall) Rasmussen

  2. No - Molly, seriously - I want to throw up when I see the snow again! You guys have it so much worse in Park City. But still - it's April! I mean, COME ON!

  3. Molly,
    I heard all about your dismal weather. We're not doing too well either. It got up to 70 degrees yesterday here in Boston only to turn grey and cold again today with only colder and colder days ahead. Um, what was that global warming thing again? I vote yes! Drive those 15 mpg SUV's!

    To answer your question: We are coming to Utah this summer for a family reunion. Our time will be tight, but we would love to see you. We would also love a reciprocal visit if you can swing it in October!

  4. Oh, Molly, you always crack me up with your commentary! I just love you. Wow, you are right, the snow from your place is totally frightful. Are you ready to climb the walls yet? P.S. I will see you in P.C. one of these days.

    Oh ya, Heather Hill called me on my bday and told me she lives in that subdivision you were talking about on your blog awhile back, where you were thinking about buying a house. Random. And cool.

  5. So I think it's appropriate for me to rightfully admit defeat on two counts:
    1. You are going to have snow much later into spring than we do here. Like, are you going to still have remnants in June?
    2. I'm pretty sure tomorrow is the day that our snow pile disappears, which is exactly the date that you guessed. I was holding out on Sunday when it was bright and warm and about knee high, but it's been holding out for you. I thought I nailed it with the 13th, but I defer to your guess of the 17th.

    At any rate, huantmo sunshine!


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