Conference Weekend

Monday, April 7, 2008

We had a busy Conference Weekend that flew by quickly. It started with a date Friday night to see my friend Emily perform in "Meet Me in St. Louis." She did a great job and we had fun learning about the World's Fair that took place in St. Louis in 1904. That's two Emily weekends in a row for me. I'm lucky to have such a great friend. (And WHERE does she get all her talent from? It's unbelievable).

Saturday we hung out at home all day and listened to Conference in our pj's. I really felt the spirit when we stood to sustain President Monson. All of the talks were wonderful and I was so thrilled to learn something about myself this time around: I was in a place (mentally, spiritually, emotionally) where I could just LISTEN and enjoy and not be judging or criticizing. (I have a really hard time with some of the Utah Mormon accents, the Mormon culture, and sometimes even the attitudes and doctrine. I struggle). But this time was different for me. I LOVED Elder Uchdorf's talk abut "Faith of our Fathers" and another apostle spoke about all of us being different, and how that is great! We don't have to fit into a mold. I just loved it.

Sunday we drove to Vic's parents home and enjoyed listening to the talks on their big comfy couches. Lucy thrilled at the sight of the swing in the backyard. After the second session we headed to my brother Taylor's house in Provo for a birthday dinner. He and his wife Emilie are 10 days apart. The enchiladas my mother made were to die for. Homemade sauce and everything. On the way home we stopped in Heber City to look at the "Neees" on the side of the road. Lucy is obsessed.

The only mistake we made this weekend was staying up too late on Sat. and Sun. night playing Scrabble in bed. We have the travel version so the tiles click into place and we can fold it easily for storage purposes. (Since one game usually takes us about a week). Vic and I get so into it! Each turn takes about twenty minutes. That's the advantage to playing it in bed. You can read your book while the other person takes their turn. But we totally cheat. It's all about finding the best word no matter the cost. We bust out the Scrabble dictionary on every single turn. We consider it a learning experience. But you have no idea how infuriated I get when he gets ahead of me! He just laughs at me, but OH! I just can't stand losing. The game isn't over yet. I am currently only 4 points ahead of him and he's up next. I'll let you know how it turns out.
J(8) A(1) C(3) K(5) S(1) O(1) N(1) =20 points. How much is your last name worth?

Ham and a half. We love her to pieces. (Even if she wouldn't sit still for two seconds during Conference).

Matching outfits on Sunday. Since they weather is still gray...why not?



  1. Scrabble is not good for our marriage. But we do it anyway to assert our own competitiveness. Ha!

    You and I should play, Molly. Bring it.

    And lucy is so cute I can just hardly even stand it!

  2. What does "Coferece Weekend" mean anyway (see title of blog). I am so impressed with your honesty. Thanks for sharing and I am glad you included a photo of the neee- I didn't know what that was either. :)

  3. Molly, I'm sorry I missed your call on Saturday! We were in Moab over the weekend. I'd love to get together and go to Cafe Rio. When does it open?

  4. We got addicted to speed scrabble for a while but now we can no longer play because in all our games Sam never beat me, which never happens. He always rules me at word games but for some reason that's my game.

    Amen to Confrence! I love the issues the church are addressing these days. They seem to be saying "Stop using these weird social traditions as guidelines and start using doctrine."

    I love Molly!...I'm going to call sometime to chat cause I like you:)

  5. Oh that's a Neee! I love them too!

  6. Thanks for coming. We needed to have a little company that week-end and we deffinatley needed the almonds. How does your mom make the sause?
    Love mom

  7. Hey Molly, I totally agree with you on the Mormon Accent/Mormon Culture pervading conference and how it can be at times obnoxious and distracting. I was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, once when I went to a ward in Holladay and President Monson spoke there. He has a wry, almost sarcastic sense of humor that I was not expecting AT ALL from his sing-songy, scripted story-telling persona I'd observed from conferences past. It made me like him -- and I saw that more realistic side of him a bit more this past Sunday in his last speech. (I quite enjoyed his comments about Frances his wife's first thoughts from coming out of a coma of being about failing to turn in the quarterly tax return). Anyways, my point is that it does seem to be getting better. Even the Ensign seems to be dealing with more diverse issues lately (homosexuality, older singles, LOTS of accounts from South Americans).

  8. Our last name is worth 16 points and the reason I know that is because we still have the scrabble name thing you made for us proudly displayed in our house.

    Also, YAY! Lucy likes NAYS! Wish we lived closer so our girls could enjoy the Neeeees together.

  9. Molly you just have the cutest fam ever!


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